Hello, I am Rajiv Savarkar, from Pune, age 46. I am the director of Badve Engineering Ltd and my work involves lots of travel. I had diabetes for a year and had to two tablets in a day. I knew FFD very well as my brother, Sunil Savarkar, who was also a diabetic, got rid of his tablets through an intensive batch of Freedom From Diabetes. So it was very straight for me to just follow my brother's footsteps and join FFD as soon as possible.


 However, that as soon as possible was not possible in my case as my work schedule is very hectic. I was struggling to get some time to attend at least one program of FFD. However, it simply couldn't happen. But one day, I heard the news that FFD has scheduled their program at Dombivli. I actually left all the work in my hands and called the FFD number to book my seat. The basic program was fantastic.


After the basic program, the FFD officials informed me about the TRP. I decided to join TRP after taking the entire information and also asked my three friends to join in with me. TRP batch number 32 simply changed my life. I got rid of my medicines on the second day itself. The TRP not only works on physical exercises and diet but supports more on mind and positivity. 


I got free on the second day and my colleagues got free on the 6th day. I must say that the stress management techniques at TRP are just amazing. Even my family members were surprised to see me free in just 2 days. Brilliant work was done by FFD. Thank you Dr Duriya, Mr Yunus. You are just excellent! 


Dr Pramod Tripathi is a very good thinker who has taken the "Sankalp" of making people free from diabetes. I wish him and his team a great success.

“Samruddha Bharat, Sashakt Bharat, Diabetes free Bharat”.  FFD Jai Ho. Thank you all!