10 Years Insulin Stopped in Just 15 Days

Freedom From 200 Units of Insulin

  • Name- Mr.Narendra Babu Perumalla
  • Age- 37 years
  • Profession- Senior Associate in SBI
  • Place - Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Indeed there are different medicines and treatments to control blood sugar levels on a day-to-basis, which is a good thing.  But most of us do not know there are hazards of taking such medicines for over a longer time.  I know it better.

According to Diabetes Specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi the over-reliance on medications continues to add to the misery as the underlying causes of insulin resistance continue to increase while the concerned diabetic remains in an illusion.

I am in the banking profession and working as a Senior Banker at SBI.  It has been 10 years now that I suffer from diabetes.  My dad is a diabetic and so when I got to know that even I have diabetes, it was not a surprise for me. All of a sudden I had started suffering from frequent urination and so there it was. 

My sugars were never under control.  At every checkup, they used to be around 400.  Due to this, my medicines and insulin kept increasing. The insulin dose went up to 200 units with me taking it up to 4 times a day.  Injecting insulin 4 times a day was really pinching.

Due to diabetes tablets, I also suffered from kidney issues which were reflected with high serum creatinine levels.  I also faced problems of nephropathy and muscular cramps.

One day while watching a video of Dr. B M Hegde, I came across the name Dr. Pramod Tripathi.  He was in a lot of praise for him.  This turned out to be a game-changing moment for me. 

I was already convinced that something good coming my way.  I first attended the Diabetes Reversal Program i.e. Discover Reversal Session and immediately enrolled for Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) 71.  I was assured that the whole program is online and there is no need for me to even leave my location once. Great!

Diabetes Reversal Success storyMr.Narendra Babu Perumalla

As I started following the Diabetes Reversal protocols, I realized that my body was responding to them pretty quickly. From the very first day itself, I was feeling nice from inside. 

On the very 15th day, I got the good news of stopping my insulin.  I just could not believe it as it was the most pinching thing for me. Ten years of trauma ended in just 15 days though I am still on 1 tablet for sugar which FFD Doctor has suggested to me.

Earlier my HbA1c was 12.  Yesterday, I received my latest reports and my HbA1c level now is 6.3.  When joined FFD, I weighed 49 Kg, now balanced it on 46 kg, and am very much happy about it. 

My serum creatinine is not under the control but the way I am going with FFD I am sure I will definitely overcome this issue also.

Now, I am very much hopeful about my life.

I don’t have words to express my gratitude to sir.  I really feel happy, energetic.  I follow all FFD rules without fail.  All the doctors are amazing.  They are always there to guide you.

Thank you very much.

Diabetes Reversal Success story


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