12-years Medicine Stopped in just 3 days & Reverse Diabetes successfully

  • Name- Mr.C. Ravindran
  • Age- 57 years
  • Profession- Chairman
  • Place - Aruppukkotai, Tamil Nadu

The list of benefits coming to FFD is endless.  The only side effect is my family is also benefitting along with me (jokingly).

I am B.E. M.B.A. positioned as a chairman at Shri Boghar Polytechnic College. 

None of my family members suffer from diabetes.  I came to know about my Diabetes during my Master's Health Check-up, 12 years back. 

The news is definitely shocking but one has to accept the reality.  Medicines began and the damages of the disease also. 

Diabetes had affected my heart function and I suffered from a heart attack in 2017.  Got angioplasty done and underwent stent placement for it.

Through these years I also suffered from constipation, Gases, Tiredness, Anger, Hypertension, Sensory Neuropathy, Hair Loss, Skin issues, Knee Pain.

Troubled with health, I was always in search of some solution. Came to know about FFD through YouTube and from then everything positive only has happened to me.

I first attended the online session of FFD's Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi gave me a rough idea about how diabetes reversal happens and in what way it is approached. 

The diabetes Reversal Program session was an eye-opener and convinced me immediately joined HTP 59 starting from 13th June 2021.

My HTP batch 59 started by explaining to us to follow the phase 1 diet and exercise.  Surprisingly, on the very third day of my joining FFD, I was told to stop my diabetes medicine. 

It was something unbelievable as I just could not understand how 12 years of medicine can go off in just 3 days.  But it was the truth.  I was actually medicine-free in 3 days!

My gains in FFD's Diabetes Reversal Program are-

  • 12-year long medicine stopped and free from medicine from day 3 to till now for more than a year.
  • 30 kg weight loss
  • Waist size reduced by 27 cm.
  • HbA1C reduced to 6.1 from 12.
  • IGT cleared.
  • Heart-related medicine is half reduced. 
  • Side effects of diabetes started reducing 
  • Kidney function improved ( eGFR 78 from 65).
  • Foot numbness improved by more than 50%
  • Confident of full reversal in both kidney and foot issues (diabetes complications.
  • My monthly medicine  bill was reduced from Rs 4000 to Rs 750 (Only for heart-related) 
  • 100 % relief from acidity and constipation
  • Regular suffering of cold /running nose/ fever once in every 3 months fully gone.
  • No cold, fever & no Doctor in the pandemic period  of 1-1/2 years
  • Feel young, energetic & very light. 
  • More confident & more clarity in thinking 

The final big one is my son & my wife both started losing more fat, & are more fitter than ever without joining FFD just by doing 50 % of FFD's Diabetes reversal protocols along with me.

With such an amount of progress, I am voluntarily working as an FFD mentor and feel very happy in supporting people to improve their health.

I wish people should understand the importance of FFD's Holistic Transformation Program for the sake of their health.


Thank you, FFD.

Reverse Diabetes

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