A Couple Story of Weight Loss With FFD

How We Lost 54 kg With FFD's Help

  • Name - Mr. Gaurav Bajpai & Mrs. Smriti Shukla
  • Age - 45 & 43 Years Young
  • Profession - Corporate Employee
  • Place - Gurgaon, Haryana

Hello all,

I'm Gaurav Bajpai (husband) an independent professional & I'm Smriti Shukla (wife) a Corporate Employee from Gurgaon, Haryana. We are glad to share our couple's story of weight loss and health improvement with FFD.

Key takeaways (Gaurav)

  • Weight Loss 24 kg
  • Significant Reduction in Waist Size
  • Anxiety Issues Resolved

Key Takeaways (Smriti)

  • Weight Loss 30 kg
  • Super Energy
  • Looking Younger and Dynamic

About Me (Gaurav)

An unhealthy lifestyle was something I had adopted for years. Even though I knew it was wrong, I was not acting on it.

As a result, I had put on up to 98 kg of weight. A blood work done in August 2023 showed a borderline sugar level and increased cholesterol.

Considering this as an alarming call, I decided I needed to do something serious about my health.

About Me (Smriti)

A sedentary lifestyle has taken a toll on my life. I had become extremely lethargic. Professional stress and frequent travels were also the major factors.

I had put on up to 105 kg of weight due to which did suffered from minor knee pain while climbing stairs. I also had nerve pain in my leg while walking.

At one point in time, I felt this would become a wrong example to my daughter, and wanted to change my lifestyle but did not know how and who would help me with it.

How did we learn about FFD?

One of our acquaintances who lives in the U.S. had undergone an FFD program. She had successfully reversed her diabetes and shed a good amount of weight.

What made us choose FFD?

We both wanted to undergo serious lifestyle changes. FFD was offering hope. We enrolled in FFD's annual program - HTP for the same.

Mr. Gaurav Bajpai & Mrs. Smriti Shukla

My Progress Story (Gaurav)

The FFD team assigned to me studied my case in detail and designed a tailor-made weight loss plan. Following it, I could see brilliant results.

The initial period was a little difficult but as I understood the benefits things became easy. I lost a good 24 kg from 98 kg down to 74 kg. My inch loss also has been good, which was evident as I got into my 2015 denims.

The inner transformation session with Paramita Chakraborty also helped me a lot in overcoming anxiety related to exercise and diet.

The FFD program has taught me what is good for my body and the meaning of a balanced diet. It is a well-structured and scientific program that gives you sustainable results.

Dr. Malhar's advice on exercise has been invaluable. I am looking young, and healthy, my skin is glowing. Everything is great.

My Progress Story (Smriti)

The FFD team assigned to me studied my case and jotted down a well-structured plan for me as well. As I began following it, I also began noticing beautiful results.

My weight loss of 32 kg has been amazing. My lifestyle has changed. Outside food which used to be an integral part of daily life has stopped completely.

Sugar cravings are gone. I am looking younger, feeling energetic and fit. I did my Dubai trip wearing my 20 years of clothes.  Everything is falling into place.


FFD has been like a boon to us. We both as a couple have lost around 56 kg which makes us proud FFDians.

Thank you, FFD for helping us change our lifestyle and get back to good health. As per Dr. Malhar’s words – “Our house is much lighter now.”

Key Quote

FFD is the ultimate destination for those who are seeking lifestyle change.