A diabetes reversal story from Ghaziabad

  • Name- Mr. Mayank Mishra 
  • Age- 43 years
  • Profession- Sr. Manager
  • Place - Ghaziabad, U.P.

Why did I join FFD?

There was no hope to get rid of diabetes. I joined FFD to learn how to control diabetes but ended up reversing it!



I am Mayank Mishra, a 43-year-old gentleman from Ghaziabad. I work as Sr. Manager in an MNC, IT sector.  Yes, I do have a family history of diabetes on my paternal side.  My uncles suffer from it.

How did I come to know about my diabetes?

In June 2014, I realized I had lost around 10 kg of weight and was facing symptoms of excessive thirst and urination.  Initially, I was happy to lose weight as I was unaware of diabetes, but came to know through one of my family members that this is a symptom of diabetes.  So I got myself tested only to find I was diabetic with high fasting reading of 316. 

Mr. Mayank Mishra 

Mr. Mayank Mishra 

Difficulties I went through with diabetes

I was diagnosed to be hypertensive almost at the same time I got diagnosed with diabetes.  My blood pressure was not behaving properly and I was put on medication for it too. Another major problem was my growing weight.  I tried to control it but could not do that.

How I met FFD and my FFD journey

One of my brother's friends told me about FFD, I searched it on Google and found it useful. I joined the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 78 after attending the online introductory session DRS conducted by Dr. Pramod Tripathi himself.

While joining I had promised myself to control diabetes and weight as it was the right time without being too late. I started following the FFD diet and exercising daily.  My wife prepared the food according to a diet plan which helped me.

After one week, my BSL started coming down, weight also started reducing which was surprising for both me and my wife. After 20 days that is on 5th Feb 2022, the doctor told me not to take any diabetes medicine.  I started feeling proud of being off-medicine, which filled a lot more inspiration to follow the FFD diet and protocol. I have lost 19 kg weight so far and feel very light and energetic.

I recommend Freedom from Diabetes because

In the month of May and June, I attended family parties and had sweets and heavy food then.  Checked my BSL every time, it was 110. It was a pleasant shock to see that my BSLs were stable even after eating a different diet. This gave me the feeling of a non-diabetic person.

It is more than 6 months now since I am free of diabetes medicines.  My BSL is in the green range, BMI is in green range.  All credit goes to the FFD program and the whole amazing FFD team. There are no words for Dr. Pramod Tripathi, the energy he brings in every session is so amazing, and he is a role model for all of us.


  • Medicine free in 20 days
  • Weight loss of 19 kg
  • Sustainable reversal

Reverse Diabetes


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