A fascinating reversal story from Mysore

I am very proud of the way I am now... the credit goes to FFD!

  • Name- Mr. Ganesh Murthy
  • Age- 70 years
  • Profession- Retired Teacher
  • Place - Mysore

I am Ganesh Murthy a 70 years young ex-teacher from Mysore, Karnataka.  I absolutely loved my job and enjoyed the whole tenure of my work.  Nobody in my family has diabetes.

I got diabetes at a very later age actually at around 59-60 years of age.  It so happened that during 2013, I had started facing the problem of excessive urination which was quite irritating. 

I did observe for a few days but later on visited the hospital and underwent a check-up.  The results of the tests revealed my blood sugars to be high.  It was adult-onset diabetes in my case.

For the next 8 years, till I came to FFD, I suffered from problems like acidity, gases, hypertension, sleep issues, knee pain, and fatty liver.   Weight too was on the higher side, 80 kg.

I definitely wanted to lead a healthy life like before.  Came to know about FFD through mobile posts and online news.  The positive reviews were making rounds which inspired me.

Mr. Ganesh Murthy

I decided to attend the Discover Reversal Session first to get an idea about what exactly diabetes reversal is.  Dr. Pramod Tripathi's session was mind-blowing.  He logically explained all the causes of having diabetes and how reversal is possible in a step-wise and phase-wise manner.

I enrolled myself in the HTP batch 61 starting on 8th August 2020. FFD team's work is highly appreciable.  They leave no stone unturned.

I had various diet-related and exercise-related queries during the program.  The assigned teams readily helped me by clearing them.  This made my reversal process much easier.

My health improved as I kept following the instructions and finally was told to stop my diabetes medications.  This was a great piece of news for me.  My problems with acidity, sleep issues, and gases have resolved significantly.           

Excess weight too saw a declining graph.  It went down from 80 kg to 68 kg.  Now, I realize how much excess weight was troublesome.  Feeling this light had made my life much easier.  My knee pain has almost gone. 

I follow the FFD diet protocol.  My exercise regimen includes running 1 km in the morning, playing badminton for 1 hour or walking 5 km daily.

Living such a fit life at 70 is definitely something to be proud of.

Reverse Diabetes