A Gynecologist's diabetes reversal success story

Free from medicine, 13 kg weight loss - truly happy

  • Name- Dr. Gayetri Chandrashekhar Radhakrishna
  • Age- 61 years
  • Profession- Gynecologist
  • Place - Mysore, India


One of my friends who was an FFD participant insisted I join FFD. And I feel it was the best thing that happened.


Hello Friends

I'm Dr. Gayetri Chandrashekhar Radhakrishna,
a gynecologist by profession, from Mysore.  Medical history-wise, I have a family history; my mother was diabetic. So, I was quite aware that I might get it someday.

How did I come to know about my diabetes?

I diagnosed my condition myself.  While doing BSL, I found out I had Diabetes, almost 11 years ago.

Health issues I faced 

I had a frozen shoulder even before being diagnosed with diabetes. No major complications. Managed my diabetes with Metformin. Was never very regular in monitoring sugar levels.

I would do post-prandial blood sugars whenever I ate lots of sweets. Sugar levels never went high but my HbA1c would be in the 6.7 range. One more issue I faced was bad gastritis which I attribute to my stressful profession.

How did I get to know about FFD?

One of my friends whom I met after a long time had lost significant weight. On inquiry, she told me about FFD and how her husband was off insulin. She insisted I join and so I joined FFD.

Dr. Gayetri Chandrashekhar Radhakrishna Dr. Gayetri Chandrashekhar Radhakrishna

Freedom from Diabetes journey

I learned Freedom from Diabetes conducts an online introductory session named Discover Reversal Session which I attended first.

After getting an overall idea about how diabetes reversal happens I immediately joined the FFD  diabetes reversal program  HTP batch 79. The HTP program is based on 4 protocols - diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical assistance.

The initial few weeks were difficult but later I adjusted. I lost weight and was off Metformin in just 7 days.  Interestingly, I didn't have to do any fasting. When I joined FFD, I was 73 kg, and now I am 60 kg.

My experience 

I feel good. I followed up to 90 percent of the FFD diet but could not follow it while traveling. I am fairly regular with the recommended diet and will join the gym soon. Many people ask me how I lost weight.

I explain to them what diet I have. I, myself am very much satisfied with my progress with FFD. I have also recommended some of my PCOS patients join FFD. I am sure they will benefit.


  • Freedom from medicine
  • Freedom from excess weight
  • Knowledge-enriching program

Reverse Diabetes

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