A Manager's Diabetes Reversal Success Story


Weight Loss Success Story of Mr. Sandeep

  • Name- Mr. Sandeep Vijay Kulkarni
  • Age- 48 years
  • Profession- Manager
  • Place - Pune

Hello! Myself Sandeep Vijay Kulkarni, age 48, Manager, Leoni Wiring Systems Private Limited, Pirangut, Pune. Even today, I remember the day when the doctor told me "I have diabetes".

I had a minor injury to my right hand and even after proper treatment with dressing and injection, the wound was not healing. So the doctor told me to get my sugars checked.

The next day, March 10, 2003, my report came as positive. Yes. I was a diabetic. From this day, my fight against diabetes began.

I stopped taking rice, sweets, all my favorite delicacies. I also started the morning walk. The days were going by. My sugar levels kept fluctuating.

All this resulted in me having angiography and angioplasty done last year as a result of blockages in my heart. After angioplasty, doctors also started insulin.

I was very depressed with all this until one fine day I saw an advertisement for "Freedom From Diabetes" on Facebook saying that diabetes can be reversed and many diabetics had already benefitted from this.

I decided to attend their Diabetes Reversal program which was going to be held on Saturday. The program cleared all my doubts and I enrolled myself in the 51st batch of the Holistic Transformation Program in September 2019.

As my intensive program started, I stopped taking all dairy products and also started having a smoothie, but the exercise was something that I could not manage daily.

Soon I attended the second group session of my batch and after seeing many members becoming free of medicines and insulin, I also got a kick and decided to become even more serious about my health.

I decided not to miss the exercise part come what may. I started doing exercises regularly without missing staircase climbing after meals.

With all these efforts, just within one month only, I was told to stop insulin (which I had been taking for the last 6 months), my medicine dose also was reduced.

Now, I was much confident about my diabetes reversal. In September 2019, when I had joined HTP, my HbA1c was 8.5 and now it is 5.5. I have also lost quite a significant amount of weight around 8 kg by now i.e. 62 kg which is ideal for my height.

My journey towards Diabetes reversal is going fine and I am pretty confident that by this Muktotsav i.e. in 2020, I will become free from all my diabetes medicines.


All thanks to Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi and his team. Life will be definitely sweet again!!!

Diabetes Reversal Success story

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