A story of resilience and transformation from Chicago

Rajendra's Message : FFD - A Lifeline to Health and Freedom from Diabetes

  • Name - Mr. Rajendra Sonarikar
  • Age - 56 Years Young
  • Profession - IT Professional
  • Place - Chicago, U.S.A.

Hello all,

I'm Rajendra Sonarikar, An IT professional working in Bio Pharma company in Chicago, U.S.A.

My diabetes story

The demands of long working hours and my senior leadership role, combined with a significant family history of diabetes, took their toll, leading to my diagnosis in the year 2000.

Initially, I managed to control the condition with medications. However, the year 2015 brought unwelcome news – I now required insulin to maintain my blood sugar levels.

My ability to adhere to a regular exercise routine had dwindled, and I found myself tiring quickly.

My dietary habits had become increasingly irregular, and over time, my insulin dosage escalated to 24 units per day, in addition to my medications.

How was FFD introduced?

In 2016, I attended Dr. Tripathi's seminar in Pune, which left me with a strong impression. However, due to my demanding travel schedule at the time, I couldn't commit to enrolling in the program, despite recognizing its potential benefits for my situation.

It wasn't until later, here in the USA, that a friend of mine encouraged me to seriously consider joining the program.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted freedom from insulin and medicines. I also wanted to regain my health. FFD was offering hope so I finally enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP.

Mr. Rajendra Sonarikar

Reversal story

The FFD program has been an incredible source of guidance and support for me. It provided me with valuable insights into achieving a balanced approach to health, encompassing diet, exercise, inner peace, and, when necessary, medical assistance.

Recognizing that each diabetic individual has unique needs and progress rates, FFD's tailored approach helped me reduce my insulin intake by 40%, from 24 units to 14 units.

I also saw a significant reduction in some of my medications and experienced a healthy weight loss, shedding 6 kilograms and reaching a weight of 60 kilograms from my starting point of 66 kilograms.

Alongside these improvements, my HbA1c levels have shown positive progress. While I haven't officially adopted an athletic identity, I am drawn to yoga and am actively taking steps to incorporate it into my lifestyle. 

Overall, I feel fantastic and strive to maintain the advice and guidance I received from all three experts. I must acknowledge my wife, Sonali, who has been an invaluable pillar of support throughout this year-long journey; without her assistance, achieving these goals would have been far more challenging. 

With renewed energy and determination, I eagerly anticipate an extension of one more year, with expert guidance from all three experts, as I continue to work toward my overall wellness goals and the further reduction of my medication dependency.

Key quote

"I extend my profound gratitude to FFD for guiding me on the correct path to attaining optimal health."

Key takeaways

  • Insulin reduced by 40%
  • Medicine reduced
  • Healthy Weight loss of 6 kg
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