Amazing Diabetes Reversal Story-From Dubai


Weight loss Story: 12 Kg Weight Loss IN 3 Month

  • Name- Mr. Ishwar Jodha
  • Age- 64 years
  • Profession- MD of a multinational shipping company 
  • Place - Dubai

"FFD is the best thing that happened to me."Hello! Myself Ishwar Jodha, age 64 years, first an MD of a multinational shipping company and now the owner of my own freight company in Dubai.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in about 2004 when I had moved from a job to start my own business.* I think stress and overall bad eating habits probably would have been the 2 main causes.

Once diagnosed, I did take up the matter seriously because I could see the anguish and concern in all family members. The more I read about it the scarier it seemed.

So I mended my eating and drinking habits. The exercise was never a problem though because I played squash regularly.

I also played cricket and golf at a competitive level right through from school to my working days. I also was told walking helps so I started walking a lot.

In fact, now that I follow the 4 FFD's Diabetes Reversal protocol I realized I was spending way too much time and effort on walking.

In November of 2019, my sister and niece who had started the FFD Diabetes Reversal program told me to try this for reversal.

At first, I thought reversal as per whatever I had known was not possible. But since she shared the results she had, and weight loss also being one of the targets, I thought it was worth a try.

Fortunately, around the same time, there was a presentation by Diabetes Specialist Dr. Tripathi in Dubai Indian Club. So my wife and I decided to attend. That was an eye-opener. Very much convinced by the doctor's presentation and my wife's persuasion, I decided to join the Holistic Transformation Program.

Unfortunately, there was a setback. I was diagnosed with a dual hernia. So got operated on 31st December (New Year Eve in hospital ). But I recovered and joined the Holistic Transformation Program batch 55 registration in February.

I started the program on 2nd February and was over the moon when Dr. Smita asked me to stop medication on 14th February. That was my valentine's gift for my wife. I have been off medication since and have gone from about 79 kgs to 67 kgs.

With all the internal improvement, *I feel so much more tolerant, less stressed out, and happy with myself. All the things taught in inner transformation protocol have made me realize to take things in stride and appreciate everything around and be thankful. Such a change in me!

I just did my test again after 3 months and my Hba1c is 6.4 without medication. It was always about 6.7 to 7 with medication. My uric acid which was high is also normal. This is unbelievable!

I am extremely thankful to the whole FFD team - my doctor Dr. Smita, my dietician, exercise expert Dr. Malhar.


Thanks To,

FFD team

Weight loss success story


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