Amazing weight loss and diabetes reversal story

Diabetes reversed, lost 21 kg of weight

  • Name- Mr. Vikram Sadanand Dhareshwar
  • Age-  50 Years Young
  • Profession- Businessman
  • Place -Belgaum, Karnataka

Hello all,

I am Vikram Sadanand Dhareshwar, a businessman from Belgaum, Karnataka.

What was the inspiration behind joining FFD?

I wanted freedom from medicine.

Family history 


My mother does suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes story

My diabetes discovery was accidental. One morning after the Navratri festival, I thought of checking my sugar levels too after Mother's. The fasting number was shocking 500+.

I checked it immediately in the lab, which showed fasting 275 and PP 250.  Interestingly, my diabetes was asymptomatic except for only one symptom of excessive thirst.

How did FFD happen?

I came to know about it through one of my relatives and a website.

Mr. Vikram Sadanand Dhareshwar

Reversal story

I enrolled in FFD’s diabetes reversal program HTP and began my reversal journey. All my diabetes medicines stopped within six months and I was relieved!

My weight loss journey has been remarkable.  I weighed 84 kg when I joined and now I am at 63, a total 21 kg weight loss.

I am doing good but there is some limitation to exercise due to raised creatinine.  But with proper FFD guidance, I am sure I will come out of it soon.

Key quotes

"FFD program is excellent.  Everything is taken care of under one roof"

Key takeaways 

  • Medicine stopped
  • 21 kg weight loss
  • Great team support
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