An amazing weight loss story ... from Mysore

No knee pain, weight lost 15.5 kg

  • Name- Mr. Ramnath H K
  • Age-  68 Years Young
  • Profession- Indian Air Force
  • Place - Mysore

Hello Friends,

I'm Ramnath H. K. from Mysore.  I retired from Indian Air Force, was self-employed till 2015, now leading a retired life.

My weight gain story

I was suffering from hypothyroid since 1981. This would have been the major cause of my weight gain.  I weighed around 104 kg.

My earlier weight loss efforts

I did try many things like VLCC, Jindal, Dharmasthala institute of naturopathy, Herbal Life, etc., and lost up to 9 kg too but it sprung back.

Knee pain story

My knee pain was so bad that I could not climb stairs, limp and people could make out my difficulty.  I did do general exercise which would help me for the time being. If I had to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10, it would be 10.

How did FFD happen?

It is through Dr. B. M. Hegde's videos that I came to know about FFD.

What made me choose FFD?

I was suffering from skin sores on my forearm and legs which my skin specialist suggested would go only if I go for weight loss.  I saw hope in FFD and enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately for weight loss.

My weight loss story

The FFD protocols are amazing which helped me immensely in losing weight.  My first 14 kg of weight loss happened in four months which was amazing. Further weight loss was at a slow pace. I did lose from 104 kg to 88.5 kg my current weight.

Pain reversal story 

FFD exercise experts advised me resistance band exercises which helped with my knee pain. They gave strength to my knees. Now I feel I have got a spring there and can easily climb stairs and do my regular activities. Pain has come down to 2 from 10, sometimes it is 0 also.

I would like to thank the FFD exercise experts for this as they went out of their way to help me in this.

Key quotes

"I am happy about everything that FFD has given me. "

Key takeaways

  • Weight loss of 15.5 kg
  • Knee pain resolved
  • Super active