An Inspiring Tale of 23 kg Weight Loss

How I Lost 23 kg and Regained Health With FFD's Help

  • Name - Mr. Ramanathan Suresh
  • Age - 23 Years Young
  • Profession - Architect
  • Place - Chennai

Hello all,

I'm Ramanathan, a just passed out Architect from Chennai.

Key Takeaways

  • Sugars Normalized
  • Weight Loss 23 kg
  • Cholesterol Normal
  • Thyroid Normal

My Weight Gain & Diabetes Story

I was doing my internship in Bangalore. I was a 4th year Architecture student at NIT Trichy. An unhealthy lifestyle, and stress of studies all had done the damage.

I had put on 101 kg of weight which had made my life difficult. The year 2021 brought in another bad news of me having high sugar levels putting me into the diabetic category.

I was aware of these consequences as my mother also suffers from this but never expected it to happen so early.

I knew I needed to address my health seriously.

How was FFD Introduced?

I got to know about FFD through my mother. My mother was also a participant in FFD.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted to lose weight. FFD was offering hope. It was also my mother's suggestion that I join FFD. So I enrolled in the FFD's program HTP.

Mr. Ramanathan Suresh

My Weight Loss & Diabetes Reversal Story

Joining FFD turned out to be a wise decision, exceeding my expectations. Before FFD, my diet was lacking, especially while staying at a PG hostel in Bangalore with poor food options.

The FFD team meticulously analyzed my case and devised a plan for me. Initially, following the diet seemed challenging, but my dietician Sunganya advised me to incorporate smoothies into my diet.

I started using almond milk and the nuts provided by my parents as breakfast. Additionally, I frequented a nearby gym, which helped reduce my weight to 95 kg.

Upon returning to Chennai after my internship, I followed a proper diet assisted by my parents and FFD, further reducing my weight from 95 kg to 90 kg.

Inspired by an interview with Shri Abdul Kalam, where he mentioned walking 10 km daily for health, I began walking the vast 800-acre campus of my college daily, along with limiting my intake of college mess food.

This change helped me reduce my weight from 90 kg to 78 kg by the end of August. Since then, I have maintained my weight, with an increased metabolism and a balanced diet.

Key Quote

Thanks to FFD, my sugar levels, thyroid, and cholesterol levels have all normalized.