Celebrate your Diwali, Diabetes Friendly

Diwali also named as 'festival of light' is one of the major festivals celebrated in India It always brings a feeling of joy, celebration, and togetherness among people.

The celebration includes decoration with lights, flowers, and preparation of delicacies like sweets, salted snacks by family and friends. These festive preparations tempt everyone to indulge in them and can impact blood-glucose levels drastically especially in diabetics.

Statistics reveal that all those with pre-existing blood sugar levels are noted to show a 15 to 18 percent rise in sugars during the festive season. Managing health during festive times like Diwali becomes very hard for such people.

Should diabetics not celebrate Diwali? Diabetics also often ask the question 'Can I eat sweets with diabetes?'

The Diet of people who suffer from Diabetes generally focuses on healthy foods. But having sweets once in a while by following few instructions is okay. The key to good health in diabetes is moderation.

Freedom from Diabetes which has been working in the field of 'Diabetes Reversal' for the last 8 years has found a special way of Celebrating Diwali for diabetics.

Here are special tips which people with diabetes should follow during Diwali -

Tips for diabetes

  • What sweets are good for diabetics? Are sugar-free sweets ok for type 2 diabetes? Actually, diabetics should avoid sweets prepared with normal sugar. They should also avoid artificial sweeteners. Instead, use a natural sweetener (Stevia) Sweetener to prepare the sweets. This will not make you compromise on taste and would not increase your blood sugar level. (you can use Stevia in the form of drops or powder)
  • Go for Whole Grain Flour: Avoid refine products to prepare the sweets like maida and sugar. Make it healthier by preparing it with whole grain flour. (some of the whole grains like Jowar Atta and Khapli Gehu Atta can be used)

  • Enjoy Nuts and Dry Fruits: Add healthy items like almonds, walnuts, dates, or black currants in the sweets to make it delicious and diabetes-friendly. They taste good and helps your sweet get a perfect look.

  • Watch the Quantity: Eat a limited quantity of sweets. A piece or two will do the job. Consuming a high quantity may lead to increasing your blood sugar level even though you have made the sweets the FFD way. So eat limited and celebrate a limitless Diwali!

  • When To Eat: Do not eat sweets on a hungry or empty stomach as you may end up eating more quantity at a time. Always have your meals before you have #sweets.

  • How to Store/sweets storage instructions: Store your Diwali sweets in an opaque container. The logic is pretty simple. If you can't see the sweets clearly, your desire of eating sweets may lower down and you won't be tempted to have sweets if your eyes don't see them.

  • Time To Eat: Avoid sweets after 6 pm. Usually, our body's metabolic rate slows down during the evening or at night, which results in less or no-calorie burning. Hence, try and avoid having sweets after 6 pm

Important Note: These are the special points diabetics should note down in their minds.

  • We advise you to have sweets only if your blood sugar is normal (Fasting below 100 and PP below 140) or at least close to normal.

  • Those who are in an advanced stage of reversal must experiment with different varieties and quantities of sweets and share your freedom stories to inspire others!

In summary, diabetics also can celebrate Diwali. Just follow the above instructions and tips. HAPPY DIWALI!



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