Diabetes Overcame My Dad; I Overcame Diabetes!

Duration took me to stopped my medication in just 2.5 months and Loss weight 5 - 6 kg


  • Name- Mr.pashupati venkatraman kumar
  • Age- 48 (Had been living with diabetes for the last 15 Years )
  • HbA1C- 6.5–6.9

Diabetes is generally accepted to be hereditary. What isn’t so well known is that it is by no means definite, nor is it unbeatable. As my own experience proves. I have always been aware of the dangers posed by diabetes, having seen the terrible toll it took on my father, who suffered multiple complications of diabetes, from retinopathy to kidney failure.

Aware of my susceptibility, I exercised regularly and had frequent health check-ups. Nevertheless, while I was still in my 30’s, my blood sugar readings began to fluctuate, and the doctors immediately started me on diabetic medication. For the next 15 years, I managed to keep my blood sugar levels within the acceptable range with the help of medicines.

My HbA1C stayed around 6.5–6.9; my fasting levels remained under 110, and PP consistently read below 150. My doctors applauded my discipline and saw me as a textbook study of diabetes management through medicine. But I myself saw no reason to celebrate. Instead, I longed to be free from medicine. But such is our social conditioning that I accepted that my condition could only be managed by medicines.

Then a chance meeting with another diabetic opened my eyes to the possibility of managing diabetes without medicine and only through diet and exercise. The diabetes reversal was still an undreamed-of possibility. Until one day, a chance WhatsApp forward brought me to "Freedom from Diabetes".The idea of diabetes reversal had never before occurred to me but impressed by the science and proof behind FFD’s diabetes reversal programs, I joined FFD’s Intensive Reversal Program (IRP).

I religiously followed all four of FFD’s protocols:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Inner Transformation 
  • Medical

I took up jogging, discovered my athletic identity as a cyclist, and started doing Yoga regularly. The results soon began to show. In just 2.5 months I was off all medication, had achieved my ideal BMI, Weightloss 5 - 6 kg effortlessly, and discovered a passion for fitness. Not only am I now free from all diabetes medicines, but my overall metabolism, strength, and stamina have also improved tremendously.

In 2020, I successfully passed the Impaired Glucose Test (IGT). AS FFD promised,

life was indeed beginning to look sweet again!

Free from fears of reliving my father’s experience, and armed with my newfound athletic identity, I’m now full of confidence for the future. And it’s all thanks to the fantastic efforts of FFD and diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi. I shall forever be grateful to them.


Thanks To,

Freedom from Diabetes and Dr. Pramod Tripathi.

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