Did you know that diabetes can cause infertility?

Is it possible that diabetes makes it difficult to conceive?

Diabetes affects almost half a billion people worldwide, with India taking first place. Of these, an overwhelming number are in their forties and above. But, as lifestyles become increasingly sedentary and diet poor in nutrition, not only is this number multiplying rapidly, it has also begun to include younger and younger populations. 

What’s worse, sustained high blood sugar levels (BSL) inevitably lead to other complications, like kidney disease, high BP, high cholesterol, and PCOD/s. One of the most common problems that affect both women and men is also one of the least spoken about—infertility.

How diabetes causes infertility

How diabetes causes infertility

Sustained high BSL damages blood vessels, causing damage to large organs and smaller ones too. When this affects the blood supply to organs like the eye it can lead to progressive blindness.

In much the same manner, damage to the blood supply to the penis triggers a range of sexual problems including the much-feared erectile dysfunction. Diabetes also has a detrimental effect on the libido (sex drive) of both male and female diabetics. 


Diabetes and infertility in males

diabetes and infertility in males

To add insult to injury, male problems don’t stop at erectile dysfunction. They can also suffer from problems related to ejaculation, and inflammation of the foreskin—known as Balanitis.

Even pre-diabetes can affect men’s reproductive system negatively, decreasing sperm count, sperm mobility, damage to the DNA of the sperm, to the extent of having no sperm in the ejaculate—a condition known as Azoospermia.

Males can also contract a condition known as Varicoceles, as a result of enlarged veins inside the scrotum

Male sexual problems include

  • Erectile dysfunction – finding it difficult to maintain or achieve an erection
  • Hypogonadism – a condition caused by low testosterone
  • Retarded ejaculation – inability to ejaculate properly
  • Retrograde ejaculation – when the sperm doesn’t properly leave the penis
  • It should be noted that diabetes may not cause male infertility, but it can certainly reduce their ability to procreate.

Diabetes and infertility in females

 diabetes and infertility in males

  • PCOD

    The most common infertility-related problem that women with insulin resistance—the condition that causes diabetes—the report is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

    It can trigger a variety of symptoms ranging from embarrassing to downright debilitating. Common symptoms include irregular menses excessive hair growth, acne, and obesity. The good news is that with proper blood glucose management, PCOD/S can be controlled and even reversed.  

  • Miscarriage

    Erratic glucose levels in the body lead to problems in the implantation of the fertile egg in the uterus. This can drastically raise the chances of miscarriage in women suffering from diabetes.
  • IUGR

    Diabetes in pregnant women can lead to a condition known as intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). This is a condition when the fetus does not grow at the normal rate, making it smaller than normal. It can also cause congenital defects. 
  • Premature delivery

    Diabetes places mothers-to-be at a high risk of premature deliveries, abortive pregnancies, and perinatal complications—complications suffered during birth. 

  • Diabetes and the child

    Diabetes doesn’t spare the child either. There is a huge risk that diabetic parents can pass on their high-blood sugar condition to the child as well.

The good news

It is clear that high and unchecked diabetes is risky for all—father, mother, and child. But there is hope. With the proper lifestyle; one that offers the ideal mix of nutrition, exercise, and stress management, blood sugar can be more than controlled; it can be reversed completely! 

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