Discovering Freedom from Weight: My FFD Experience

Losing 17 Kilograms: My FFD Weight Loss Triumph

  • Name - Mrs. Aruna Karri
  • Age - 43 Years Young
  • Profession - Legal Advisor
  • Place - Hyderabad

Hello all,

I'm Aruna Karri working as a legal advisor, from Hyderabad.

My weight gain story

As far back as I can recall, my struggle with weight gain began when I reached the age of 15-16. I made countless attempts to shed those extra pounds, and at one point, I did manage to lose around 9-10 kilograms, only to see them creep back within a mere 5-6 months.

The lack of stability in my weight was frustrating. When I finally turned to FFD, I had reached the point of 89 kilograms on the scale.

My health journey was further complicated by my long-standing use of thyroid medications dating back to 2008, followed by the addition of hypertension and cholesterol medications in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

How was FFD introduced?

One of my close friends' husbands was associated with FFD.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted to lose weight and regain health. FFD was offering hope. I enrolled myself in the FFD's Holistic Transformation Program for weight loss.

Mrs. Aruna Karri

My weight loss story

My association with FFD has been truly remarkable, and I'm convinced that it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Adhering to the guidance provided by my dedicated team, I witnessed visible and astounding results.

The transformation was evident as I shed an impressive 19 kilograms, going from 89 kilograms to 72 kilograms, a feat I once thought was unbelievable.

I owe much of my success to my exceptional diet expert, Sanjana Reddy, whose unwavering support instilled confidence in me that I could maintain this weight loss.

Dr. Sayali Kale, my exercise expert, played a pivotal role in adapting and refining my workout regimen. The newfound weight loss has not only boosted my self-esteem but has also garnered praise and encouragement from friends and family.

In addition to weight loss, my other health parameters are also doing good.

Key quote

FFD has empowered me with the belief that I can now take charge of my health and well-being. Thanks a million.

Key takeaways

  • Weight loss 19 kg
  • Enhanced confidence