Dr. Jassmin Kazi Came to FFD & Reversed her Diabetes plus Cholesterol issues Effectively

FFD's learned optimism rocks

  • Name- Mrs. Dr. Jassmin Kazi
  • Age- 45 years
  • Profession- Gynecologist
  • Place - Solapur, Maharashtra

Hello everyone. I hope you all are safe and well.

I am here to talk about an inner transformation that has helped me a lot in reducing my blood sugar levels. My health story begins about 5 to 6 years before I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was suffering from insomnia, which is a lack of sleep or difficulty in falling asleep.

I consulted a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with depression. I was prescribed medicines that would help me sleep better. But the flip side of the medication was that I started finding it very difficult to wake up in the mornings.

It was to the extent that mornings were quickly vanishing from my life. On talking about this to my psychiatrist, I was prescribed medication for waking up effectively.

Isn’t it ironic? My shock wasn’t unfounded to realize that I was taking medicines to fall asleep as well as to wake up effectively. But I knew that psychiatric medicines should never be stopped abruptly.

So I completed the mandatory 18-month course and finally stopped the medicines by tapering the doses. However, my lethargy and lack of enthusiasm still proved to be a problem.

Since I was a patient of hyperlipidemia from 2014, I used to check my lipids every 6 months and one fine day, to my disappointment, my fasting sugar was found to be 161. 

I did PP and it was 218. Being a doctor, I knew to start strict dieting and exercise to tackle my numbers. I then consulted an endocrinologist. He prescribed me some medicines which helped my HbA1c go down from 7.7 to 6.5.


Dr. Jassmin Kazi

Dr. Jassmin Kazi

As a medical professional, I did everything I could but something was still missing. Then one day, one of my friends suggested a diabetes specialist organization i.e Freedom from Diabetes to me. I was curious, so I joined FFD's Discover Reversal Session to know how it worked.

To my very pleasant surprise, with all of FFD’s diets and exercises, my tablets stopped on the 4th day itself! Two months later, my cholesterol tablets also stopped. The sugar was within normal range albeit on the upper limit.

The first of FFD’s group sessions were done on diet and exercise. And then in the fifth session, Diabetes specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi started on inner transformation which included “Learned Optimism”.

In the Learned Optimism session, I found that I don’t have depression. I came to know that, actually, I am optimistic! Dr. Pramod Tripathi conducted a few writing exercises which completely changed my total perception!

I realized that I was inviting trouble to myself, which is very aptly summed up in a Hindi saying which goes “Aa bail, Mujhe maar.” Learned Optimism started untangling the knots I had created in my own head.

I became more and more stress-free. My attitude towards people and life changed and I felt more happy and carefree. One may think that there is no tangible proof to this but my inner change actually showed in my sugar levels!

I passed the “Jalebi” test with PP to 120. And then onwards, my BSL was fantastic. It means that it was in the green zone. Our lab reports say PP should be below 140 and mine were below 120 after Learned Optimism.

I am very happy to share that I cleared GTT with flying colors on 16th November 2021 which means that I have reversed my diabetes successfully. This could happen only due to FFD.

I found Learned Optimism to be so beneficial for myself that I encouraged my daughter, my sisters, and my relatives, who I thought were facing difficulties as well, to take the test.

I think 90% of us deal with the same problems I did. My relatives also realized that the problem originated from within and not from external circumstances.

Now, I live by Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s golden words. With the depth of understanding that he has, I am sure his methods will stand the test of time, prove to be effective in the long term, and help multiple others like me.

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