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Role of Information Technology in Healthcare

Technology has always played a major role in health care. It has allowed doctors to make massive strides in investigations and execution of complex operations and non- or minimally invasive procedures.

Now, Information Technology combined with cloud computing is enabling millions of patients, often in remote locations, to get diagnosed and treated without needing to travel to the doctor.

Online medicine is becoming a reality and mobile applications have played a big role in making this possible.

From online consultations to continuous monitoring of bio-markers the combination of AI/ML and Data Engineering are connecting doctor and patient in unimaginable ways, making ever-more accurate diagnoses and treatment an everyday affair.

Diabetes technology in particular has come a long way in the past two decades. The devices, software, and hardware that patients suffering from diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are using to monitor and manage their blood glucose has not just improved overall quality of life, they have also become a vital component of online medical practice, enabling doctors to evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed medicines or supplementary practices like diet and exercise, and take corrective steps pre-emptively.

In India, one solution, in particular, has become a powerful game-changer in diabetes care: The Freedom from Diabetes Mobile App.


The Anytime Anywhere Diabetes Mobile App:

One of the basic requirements for the care of type 2 diabetes is blood sugar monitoring.But the FFD App is so much more than a simple diabetes monitor, or even a health tracker app.

To begin with, it is a cloud-based application, and as such provides 24x7 access to its users. That means app users from across the world are able to stay in touch with their team of doctors, dieticians, exercise experts, etc, as they go through their program.

And this is critical to a diabetes management program. For instance, rapidly dropping blood sugar levels (BSL) can trigger hypoglycemia at any time.
This can be fatal for a diabetic.

Continuous monitoring of bio-markers identifies possible attacks and allows the doctor to prescribe corrective action. Of course, there is a time difference; which is why app users are encouraged to only contact their doctor for a person-to-person consultation in the event of an emergency.


Delivering specialized programs and sessions


One big differentiator in the FFD App is that, unlike most healthcare apps, it is great for group sessions as well as individual ones. Every program has a sequence that defines the participant’s progress.

Over the years, FFD has evolved a set of four protocols (diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical) that drive its program success, and these protocols are delivered through live online group sessions during which Dr. Pramod Tripathi or one of FFD’s experts explains the science behind the session, shares techniques and tips, and clarifies any doubts or questions that participants may have. Almost no other health tracker does this.


Tapping into a collective energy

Anyone who’s ever attended a yoga class or any group class knows that the mere presence of other like-minded people engaged in the same endeavor releases collective energy that releases positive vibrations and motivates each individual to cross new limits.

Whilst working out online this would ordinarily not be achievable. But the FFD app makes it possible by bringing people together in shared activities. More than this, participants are assigned fixed batches and their batchmates have consistently proven to be a sustaining force, encouraging, mentoring, and offering tips from their own experiences to push app users and keep them motivated.


FFD App Features:

1. Support 

Wondering if a particular dish is ok for you? Or need a hand with an exercise movement? Or maybe you just feeling a bit down and need an encouraging ear… with the FFD app help is always at hand, with features like ‘Chat With Doctor, Chat with Diet Expert’ and ‘Chat with Mentor.


2. Step-by-step guidance

From the moment you log in for the first time, you’re in good hands every step of the way with the FFD app. And that’s a comforting thing because diabetes reversal is mostly uncharted territory.

The first action users have to take after they log in for the first time is to watch the phase-wise introductions in the ‘Education’ section.

Next users are required to fill in the General information section, followed by Medical History and Add Vitals sections. The Add Vitals section is critical to the program's success as biomarkers like blood sugar readings have to be entered at specified intervals, and these inform the doctors, dieticians, and exercise experts about the user’s current condition and help them make the appropriate recommendations in medication, food or exercise.

3. Personalized Treatment

No two persons are alike. Tastes, preferences, cultures, mobility, strength… all vary and all of these are challenges that preclude any one-size-fits-all solution.

The FFD App addresses these challenges by creating 360 degree personalized programs that factor in all the diverse preferences, abilities, and limitations that app users may have.

Thus, while the protocols that drive the program are the same, the way in which the program is delivered is tailored to suit the individual conditions of the participants.

If a particular participant is allergic to a certain prescribed diet, the nutritionists offer substitutes that provide the same nutrients safely. The same goes for exercises. Mobility challenges?

No problem, the exercise expert will guide you through different movements designed to deliver the same results. Often participants see a plateau in their results. Thanks to the app, experts are able to step in, identify the problem, and offer a solution.


4. Chat with an expert:

The app provides access to your doctor,  diet expert, and exercise expert, who monitors the user's vital and adjusts medication, diet, and exercise as required.


5. Prescription: 

After each consultation, viewers are required to view the prescription shared in the profile section and download the same.


6. FAQs:

The FAQ section provides an exhaustive list of queries past participants have raised, this is a vast storehouse of information that users can delve into before connecting with their doctor on the app.

In the event a query hasn’t been satisfactory, users are also free to call the helpline directly and seek specific assistance.

There are many health tracker apps on the market and more being released by the day, but for diabetics looking to go beyond managing their diabetes and actually reverse it, there is really only one solution: The FFD App.

It goes without saying that the app is partnered with FFD’s reversal programs, such as the Intensive Reversal Program. It has helped more than 10000+ diabetics to date, across the world completely reverse their diabetics.

The program is not just for diabetics. BP, Cholesterol, PCOD/S, obesity… like diabetes, are all lifestyle disorders caused by insulin resistance.
If you or someone you care about is suffering from any of these disorders, do get in touch with FFD posthaste, the first step of your journey back to health is just a click away.

For more information about FFDs reversal program and the FFD app, visit www.freedomfromdiabetes.org 



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