FFD's Customized Treatment Gave Magical Results

 Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol ... all reversed

  • Name- Mr. Anil Shivaji Gawande
  • Age-  42 Years Young
  • Profession- IT professional
  • Place - Pune

Hi All,

Myself, Anil Shivaji Gawande,
an IT professional from Pune.

Diabetes story

Interestingly, all my family members are very active and do not have diabetes. I must have acquired this disorder due to my choice of profession and irregular lifestyle. I had put on a lot of weight up to 112 kg.

A routine checkup done in 2018 revealed slightly raised sugars and the doctor directly put me on medicine. This did not go well with me. 
My fasting insulin was very high at 25. Still, I followed everything blindly till I came to know about Dr. Dixit's diet.

I followed it for a while and got results too. But I was looking for a dedicated fitness trainer, dietician, and diabetes doctor who is available 24*7 for me and willing to reduce my diabetes tablets based on my diabetes reversal stages. Both conditions were met at FFD only.

How did FFD happen?

FFD was introduced by my friend Milind Patil who inspired me to join.

Why did I choose FFD?

I wanted customized treatment for good results, so I joined the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 76.

Mr. Anil Shivaji Gawande

Reversal story

FFD made me feel like a king by providing me with a personal doctor, exercise expert, diet expert, and inner transformation expert. This appears to be the secret to great results.

My medicine list included 4 tablets for diabetes, 2 for hypertension, and 1 for cholesterol. Upon joining FFD, my sugar medicines stopped. My BP and cholesterol medicines have also been stopped.

Weight loss has been superb. I’ve lost 25 kg in just five months after joining. The side effects of medicines have also been reduced now.

I learned how to do 24 hours of Water Fasting without any pain from FFD and I am doing it on every Ekadashi which comes after every 15 days. One more interesting thing happened which is worth sharing. With the reduction in my fasting insulin from 25 to 8, my snoring has stopped too.
I am very thankful to Dr. Santosh Porwal for all his genuine guidance. I would also like to thank my physical fitness trainer Mrs. Gauri Gothe and dietician Miss Sneha Kasale for their guidance and follow-up.

Found a new Mantra of life and now am confident that I can live 100 years without medicine by maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

I am grateful to Dr. Jagannath Dixit and Dr. Pramod Tripathi for making my diabetes, BP, and Cholesterol reversal journey unforgettable. Both are Heroes of our society and deserve the " Padma Shri" award of our country for making so many Indian diabetes free.

Key quotes 

 "We need more doctors like Dr. Pramod Tripathi to be born."

 "FFD treatment is worth the money"

Key takeaways 

  • Medicine stopped
  •  BP & cholesterol reversed
  •  Weight loss of 25 kg



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