FFD's Holistic Transformation Program is the Way Forward

A Salute to FFD's Holistic Approach!

  • Name - Mr. Abishek Jain
  • Age - 46 Years Young
  • Profession - IT Professional
  • Place - Australia

Hello all,

I'm Abhishek Jain an IT professional from Victoria, Australia.

My diabetes story

Undoubtedly, working as an IT professional is an inherently demanding role. However, the combination of a strong family history of diabetes on both sides and the relentless work pressure led to my unexpected diagnosis at the relatively young age of 37-38, which was far from welcome news.

I was promptly put on medication to regulate my blood sugar levels, and it became a routine of regular medications with increasing potency over time.

Despite adhering to dietary restrictions and incorporating moderate physical activity into my daily life, managing my condition effectively remained a formidable challenge.

Furthermore, the multitude of conflicting opinions on diabetes management often left me feeling perplexed about how to make meaningful changes in my day-to-day routine.

How was FFD introduced?


I came across FFD through an internet search.

What made me choose FFD?


As I've mentioned earlier, the constant cycle of increasing and changing medications has left me feeling frustrated and disheartened. However, when I stumbled upon FFD, it was one of those things that simply clicked for me right away.

The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Reversal story


From the moment I became a part of the FFD program, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my health. While I'm still on diabetic medication, the dosage has significantly reduced, which brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

Witnessing my weight drop from 76 kg to 71 kg has been nothing short of superb, and my BMI now comfortably hovers around 22.0 in the healthy range.

When I initially joined FFD, my HbA1c was at a concerning 8.1, but it has improved immensely since then.

I'm currently uncovering my athletic identity, but it appears that I'm leaning towards embracing the role of a yogi.

What makes me feel truly better is not just the reduction in medication but also the profound understanding of the underlying principles that have made me more comfortable and enthusiastic about following the process.

Additionally, the inner transformation sessions have been soothing and enlightening, with Ms. Nupur providing excellent guidance along the way.

Key quote

" The Holistic Transformation Program by FFD represents the correct approach. "

Key takeaways

  • Medicines reduced dramatically
  • Weight loss 5 kg
  • Increased positivity
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