For the Last 3 Years, Enjoying my Freedom.

For the Last 3 Years, Enjoying my Freedom.


Now I know what it means when people say "heavenly feeling".

Hi... I am Madhuri Tikhe, 61 years old housewife. Actually, I started getting symptoms of diabetes in 1997 only but could not understand it. Finally, my diabetes was confirmed in 1998.

My sugar levels were pretty uncontrolled to the extent that I had to take 3-4 tablets per day. Later in 2005, I was started with 14-16 units of insulin.

Earlier, it was difficult for me to even walk. Going up and getting down the stairs used to make me feel scared as I used to feel I would fall. I had to take help from others in these activities.

I had become pretty dependent.

I got to know about FFD through my son's friend. His mother had benefitted from FFD. So I attended a seminar on Freedom from Diabetes at Ganesh Kala Krida. After this, I immediately joined FFD in December. On the very 4th day I was told to stop insulin. This was real breaking news for me.

All the diet, exercise, and meditation taught by FFD are wonderful and have increased positivity in me. Dr. Tripathi is a very good person and my life has changed tremendously.

Now I can walk, run, climb up 2 stairs at a time like a youngster I still cannot believe that my sugars have come down from 600 to 104 and 99. I felt like being in heaven.

I was taking 3 tablets before joining FFD. Now the dosage is reduced to 2 tablets.

But Diabetes Specialist Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir has warned me that in spite of all good that has happened I should keep in touch and get monitored properly. I should not get carried away as there are chances of ups and downs in sugar levels and if needed one should take the help of medicines.

A big thank you to Pramod sir for this valuable guidance.

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