Freedom from Insulin in 2 weeks

  • Name- Mrs. Anushree Gupta 
  • Age- 55 years
  • Profession- Professor
  • Place - Mumbai


My association with diabetes has been very long - of 23 years.  It was not easy.  After attending the online DRS of Dr. Pramod Tripathi, I got convinced whatever he was saying was right.


Hello friends

I am Anushree Gupta, 55 years young, from Mumbai.  I am a Professor at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.  Medical history-wise, I do have a family history of diabetes with my father having it.

Difficulties that came along

My diabetes was diagnosed during my pregnancy, 23 years ago.  I suffered from hair fall, frequent urine infections and had become very sensitive.  I too was started on medicines and this continued till 2018.  By 2018, my doctor felt I needed to go on insulin and put me on insulin - 10 units in the morning and 10 units in the evening.  Over the years, I realized I had put on a lot of weight too and weighed 75.5 kg that put me in BMI 32 obese category.

Mrs. Anushree Gupta 

Mrs. Anushree Gupta 

My FFD journey

The introduction of Freedom from Diabetes happened through Facebook.  I learned about the online introductory session there and booked my seat for it.  I felt all that Dr. Pramod Tripathi said it was right and I just needed to follow it. So I joined the FFD diabetes reversal program - Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) and all good things started happening from then onwards. My 20 units of Insulin stopped in 2 weeks. Weight was reduced from 75.5 kg down to 60.8 kg. Medicine dosage has also reduced remarkably. I am suffering from a tremendous hair fall which the doctors are addressing promptly.


I am very happy with my progress at FFD. People around me are highly appreciative when they see my weight loss and know about my freedom from insulin. If me, a diabetic for 23 years can achieve this, you too can.


  • Freedom from insulin
  • Freedom from weight
  • Happiness

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