Hi everyone,

My name is Vibhavari Joshi. I am 51 years old and from Pune.  By designation, I am co-director of our own business. 

I have had diabetes for the last 9 years.  One of my friends had told me about FFD two years back but I did not think much about it at that time. Fortunately in June 2019, she had asked me about my health and my planning about joining FFD.

This time I started to think about it and on 13th July I enrolled myself in FFD's Diabetes reversal Program. My journey started on the pure path from the next day itself.

Completing all formalities, I had started to follow all the suggestions and advice by the mentors and reporting doctors given on the WhatsApp group and FFD app. Within 3 to 4 days all my medicines stopped.

 I lost 5.7 kgs of weight in the last six months. Joining FFD was a very wise decision as it changed my life completely.  It helped me to grow my energy level and stamina. 

It also helped me to overcome my stress, strain, and anxiety and boosted my confidence, positive thinking.

Now I am able to make a decision in a proper way, overcome my emotions, problems, worries with positive thinking.

FFD also gave me spiritual benefits through spiritual speeches, mantras, chants.  All this really works very strongly on me and gives me a lot of peace and happiness.

FFD is one of the best, pure, natural, healthy ways to get rid of your health issues and for me, it is an Angel sent by God to cure me.

Thank you to all FFD team, Diabetes specialist doctors, mentor's, and our Great, Great, Great

Dr. Pramod sir.!!!!!

Weight loss success story

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