From 111 kg to 98.7 kg: My Transformation with FFD

Rediscovering Myself: A Weight Loss Journey with FFD

  • Name - Mr. Abhishek Choudhary
  • Age - 38 Years Young
  • Profession - Businessman
  • Place - Bihar

Hello all,

I'm Abhishek Choudhary, originally from Bihar, and I work as a Businessman Managing Retail Stores.

My Weight Gain Story


I distinctly recall being in great shape during my college days, even participating in ramp walks.

However, the dynamics changed when I entered the professional realm after completing my MBA. The demands of my business, which involve working 360 days a year with frequent travel, took a toll on my health.

Consequently, my fitness plummeted, and I reached a peak weight of 111 kg. Despite trying various diet plans, the weight rebounded swiftly and with greater intensity.

I've harbored a desire to regain the shape I had in my earlier days.

How was FFD introduced?

I discovered FFD on Facebook while looking for a solution to help my wife reverse diabetes.

What made me choose FFD?

I myself desperately wanted to lose weight. FFD was offering hope. I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes - HTP program for weight loss with my wife who joined for diabetes reversal.

Mr. Abhishek Choudhary

My Weight Loss Journey

It has been a fabulous journey after joining FFD. The FFD team assigned to me studied my case thoroughly and designed a weight loss plan for me.

As I began following it I could see the marvellous results.  I was losing weight each day and by the end of 5 months I had shed a significant amount of weight from 111 kg down to 98.7 kg my current weight.

I have gained back the look of my college days and am very happy. I have regained my self esteem which I had lost due to obesity.

The legends group has been a great inspiration. I truly admire it.

Thanks to all my assigned FFD team members namely diet expert Tanmayi Naik and my exercise expert Dr. Nabeena N. for their unwavering guidance and support.

Key Quote

FFD has truly given me my life back. Enjoying life 2.0!

Key Takeaways

  • Weight loss 14 kg
  • Got my form back
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