From 13 tablets to 2.5 - Amarjeet's story

How FFD Transformed My Diabetes Journey from 13 Tablets to 2.5

  • Name - Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur Khanna
  • Age - 54 Years Young
  • Profession - Housewife
  • Place - New Delhi

Hello all,

I'm Amarjeet Kaur Khanna a Housewife from New Delhi.

My diabetes story

My life took an unexpected turn in 2020 when I contracted COVID-19 and had to endure a 21-day hospitalization. During this time, I was treated with three different types of steroids, which caused my blood sugar levels to skyrocket, reaching as high as 700.

In response, doctors had to administer insulin. However, a moment of negligence in the hospital resulted in a severe hypoglycemic episode, but thankfully, I survived by the grace of God.

Seeking further help, I consulted a renowned dietitian in my vicinity, but despite my efforts, it did not help much.

My HbA1c levels soared to a worrisome 10.1. It was puzzling because there was no family history of diabetes.

Alongside these diabetes-related challenges, I was grappling with other health issues, including fatty liver grade 3, gas, bloating, acid reflux, and excess weight.

Interestingly, I do have a strong cardiac history in my family which was a worrisome factor. In my medical history, I had previously undergone kidney stone surgery in 2017 and hernia surgery in 2022.

By the time I reached FFD, I was on 13 tablets in a day.

How was FFD introduced?

My introduction to FFD came about through a Facebook advertisement, which piqued my interest and led me to explore various videos featuring Dr. Pramod Tripathi.

What made me choose FFD?

I wanted to reverse my diabetes and gain good health. FFD was offering hope. The inspiring content and videos provided by FFD motivated me to participate in the introductory webinar, Discover Reversal Session (DRS).

Dr. Pramod Tripathi's presentation and a conversation with a former participant left me with no hesitation in joining FFD. Consequently, I promptly registered for FFD's Type 2 reversal program, HTP.

Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur Khanna

Reversal story

My journey with FFD saw immediate progress right from the beginning. My blood sugar levels began stabilizing, leading to a remarkable reduction in the number of medications I required, from a daunting 13 tablets a day to just 2.5 tablets.

Remarkably, my blood sugar levels remain well-managed even on this reduced dosage, almost like a dream come true.

My HbA1c also showed significant improvement, dropping from 10.1 to 6.7. In addition to these positive changes, I experienced a substantial weight loss of 8 kilograms, going from 77 kilograms to a healthier 69 kilograms, earning me compliments from both friends and family who now say I look as youthful as a 30-year-old.

The FFD treatment has been nothing short of incredible, as it not only addressed my diabetes but also resolved other health issues like mood swings, acidity, and more. I feel lighter and better than ever before.

Key quote

Receiving treatment at FFD has instilled in me a significant amount of confidence to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Key takeaways

  • Tablets reduced from 13 to 2.5
  • Weight loss 8 kg
  • Enhanced positivity
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