Ganesh Shantagiri: FFD helped become a GTT champion

Enjoying freedom from insulin and medicine

  • Name- Mr. Ganesh Shantagiri 
  • Age- 65 Years Young
  • Profession- Bank Employee
  • Place - Hubli, Karnataka

Hello friends,

I am Ganesh Shantagiri, a retired Bank employee from Hubli, Karnataka. Medical history-wise, my siblings do suffer from diabetes.

What inspired me to join FFD?


The strong urge to become free from diabetes.

Diabetes story


In the year 2020, I suffered from excess urination, tiredness, and weight loss. Diabetes was confirmed upon testing,  Sugar levels were so high that I was put on insulin and tablets both. 

I was on 20 units of insulin and 2 tablets when I joined FFD. I also used to be stressed all the time. I noticed a lack of confidence to go out alone too.

How did FFD happen?


I first heard about FFD and Dr. Pramod Tripathi in Dr. B. M. Hegde's video. I visited the FFD website, and FFD YouTube channel where gathered all the information. I finally joined FFD's reversal program HTP batch 70 with the sole aim of becoming free.