High School Teacher's Diabetes Reversal Success Story

  • Name- Mrs.Rajeshwari Patil
  • Age- 52 years
  • Profession- High School Teacher
  • Place - Koppal, Karnataka

The importance of having something is only understood better after losing it!  And this applies to everything.

Profession-wise, I was into teaching.  I taught high school students, now retired.

In 2003, some 18 years ago, I suffered from a high fever.  I do not know on what basis, but my doctor told me to get my sugar tests done. 

The result reflected high sugar levels and I got to know that I was a diabetic too like my parents and sister.  What was really worrying me was that I had no apparent symptoms of diabetes, but this was it and I had to face it.

Medicines began. The disease also kept progressing.  I also started facing problems like acidity, sleep issues, fatty liver, cough, shoulder pain, problems in bending and stretching.  By 2016, sugar levels could not be controlled with medicines, and insulin got introduced. 

This was a big blow to me.  Injecting insulin before every meal was taxing.  Medicines already had ruined life and now the insulin had done worse.

The insulin dosage increased to 45 units a day, 25 units in the morning and 20 at night.

The very next year in 2017, life gave me another lemon.  My thyroid gland was misbehaving and I was started on hypothyroid medication too.

All this had brought down my quality of life greatly which made me take voluntary retirement from my loving teaching job.

Now, I had decided to focus on my health.  On my way, looking for some path, some way, some solution towards good health, I got to see a video of Dr. Pramod Tripathi talking about 'diabetes reversal'.  Just the introduction of this idea had made me feel so positive that I made up my mind to go for it.

After attending the Online session in May 2021, I immediately joined Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) batch 71 starting from 12 June 2021 

My 45 units of insulin stopped in 28 days of joining HTP and all my diabetes medicines stopped in around 2 months' time. 

Another feather in FFD's cap was like this.  For around 1-1/2 years, I was suffering from a cough for which the doctor had advised me to take asthma puffs twice a day and some tablets. This didn't help me.  I got fed up and gave up the medicines on my own.  After joining FFD, within 8 days my cough which had been disturbing my sleep completely vanished.

It is a wonderful feeling to live without any medicine/insulin.  All these 18 years, I had realized what I had lost - the sense of freedom. 

FFD gave me an additional bonus in the form of weight loss.  I am proud to tell you that I lost 15 kg in just 3 months' time. 

I do yoga without fail and follow the diet plan properly.

All things are in place and I am really very happy and leading a comfortable life though I have to still cover my other phases of FFD.

Thank you to each and every team member of FFD who supported and guided me.

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