How I lost 15 kg with FFD and gained good health

  • Name- Mr. Yashodhan Warke
  • Age- 40 years
  • Profession- Sr. Manager
  • Place - Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra

FFD truly gives customized treatment.  I am a good example of that.I am Yashodhan Warke, a 40 years young fellow from Thane, Maharashtra.  I am a postgraduate and now work as a senior manager in a pharmaceutical company.

There is diabetic history on my maternal side.  My mother also had angioplasty in Feb 2019.  Working at the post of Sr. Manager definitely involves stress. 

I suffered from lot many issues like acidity, gases, sleep, anger, back pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, and extreme headaches.  I also had put on a lot of weight over the years and was facing problems due to that too.

Came to know about my diabetes when I had gone for a random test.  It was quite a shock for me as I was just 36-37 years old then. 

Got to know about Freedom from Diabetes through a past participant.  He was in great praise of Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD treatment.  This gave me a ray of hope.  I felt that this is the place where I can really get some help and see improvement in my health.

It was COVID time and I came to know that the whole FFD program is online which was great news for me.  I first attended the Online Session of Dr. Pramod Tripathi sir.  The session was superb.  It was good learning about how to become healthy.  Later on, I joined the FFD diabetes reversal program - HTP batch 68 starting from March 2021.

FFD program runs on 4 main pillars - diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical aid. FFD team, I must say, truly gives customized treatment.  They do not just boast of it.  After studying my whole case and reports thoroughly, I was given a proper diet chart, which was really helpful.

Mr. Yashodhan Warke

I did experience mild chest pain after doing stair climbing exercises.  When the FFD exercise team came to know this, I was immediately advised to reduce the activity and report the change.

FFD mentors do a good role actually.  At one point, I was a bit depressed.  My mentor did a wonderful job of encouraging me then.  He shared his own experience and stressed the importance of diet to me.

I used to feel giddy after doing exercise.  FFD team told me to observe and keep a tab on my BP to figure out the exact reason for it.  Now with FFD treatment, my giddiness issue has been resolved.

I had doubts about whether I was meditating properly or not.  All these doubts too were resolved. In the beginning, I was at 75 kg.  When I joined FFD my weight was 70 kg.  After completing the course my it was 55 kg. 

There has been a good amount of weight loss.  Now, I have been told to gain healthy weight and will join the gym soon for that.

I never took medicine for diabetes actually.  After coming to Freedom from Diabetes, my sugars started falling in place and I am proud to declare that I have cleared my GTT  too.

It has been an incredible journey with FFD.

Thank you, FFD for everything!

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