How I reversed my type 2 diabetes with FFD

  • Name- Mr. Sudheer Aniyeri Govindan 
  • Age- 57 years
  • Profession- Ex-Army Person
  • Place - Saudi Arabia

Life is back on track now...all thanks to FFD!

I am Sudheer Aniyeri Govindan, 57 years young, an ex-army person, from Saudi Arabia. Health is not just at the physical level. 

Good health means a great balance at all levels - physical, social, and mental.  It is easy to say this but difficult to achieve.  FFD made me understand what is actual health and what needs to be done for it.

In 2005, I had gone for a routine medical check-up and it was then that I became aware that I had diabetes. The news was a bit shocking as me being army personnel lived quite a disciplined life.

Family history-wise, I do have a maternal history of diabetes in my family.  Stress-wise, there has been some stress due to family issues.  Later on, I understood that these 2 reasons were strong enough to cause diabetes.

I also suffered from hypertension, frozen shoulder, and hair loss issues. So I was on medicines for diabetes and hypertension, both.

Came to know about FFD while surfing the internet.  I visited the website and went through the video testimonials.  Everything was overwhelming.  The whole concept of Diabetes Reversal seemed Nobel to me.  I made up my mind to join this organization.

Mr. Sudheer Aniyeri Govindan 

After attending the introductory online session, I enrolled my name for the FFD diabetes reversal program - Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) batch 80. 

The whole FFD team is incredible.  Each participant is exclusively looked after by the team of diet, exercise, and inner transformation experts.

I had doubts related to greens and vegetables which were clarified promptly by the FFD diet expert assigned to me. As my creatinine was high, I was advised to follow a renal diet plan.

At one point, my PP1 was going low.  The exercise experts aptly suggested I reduce my number of steps while doing staircase climbing exercises.

When I expressed my wish to do Juice Feasting, the doctor advised me to get my eGFR done.  They decided on my Juice Feasting volume based on the eGFR result.  I realized that the Freedom from Diabetes team is truly, deeply knowledgeable in what they do.

I am free from diabetic medicine and lost 7.5 kg weight too.  Without taking any diabetic medications, my HbA1c reading is at 5.3. I am grateful to the entire FFD team for their assistance in making this possible.

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