I got to know that I have gestational diabetes when I was 28 years old in the 7th month of my pregnancy.  Before that, I knew about diabetes as my parents, grandmothers, aunts, and cousins had/have Diabetes!

Throughout the rest of my pregnancy days, my sugar was taken care of very well.  Post-pregnancy, my sugars were normal and all diabetes-related medicines stopped.  I felt highly relieved.

For the next 15 years, life was pretty normal. I was completely unaware of the storm coming towards me. In 2010, diabetes bounced back on me unannounced.  I had got liver abscess then.  In 1995, I got operated on for gallbladder removal surgery due to multiple stones.  Diabetes had brought in a lot of lethargy, irritability, and fatigue in me along with burning feet and occasional acidity.

I got to know about Freedom From Diabetes through a friend of mine who benefited immensely from this program.

My experience with FFD has been amazing. I learned a lot many things during the course.  At one point, though I was following the diet and exercise protocol properly, my sugars were unstable.  I was educated by FFD staff that apart from diet and exercise even stress plays a major role in raised sugars. And so was asked to manage stress as I was good with diet and exercise.

I was unable to do all the exercises due to the workload. So was suggested exercise modifications and given physiotherapy exercises for shoulder stiffness.

I made remarkable health progress.  My 16 units of insulin totally stopped in just 20 days. It was like a Miracle. I reduced 4 kg, my BMI came down from 24.6 to 22.8 within 2.5 months, I have no fatigue, lethargy or sleep issues, acidity issues exited.  I am full of energy and there is a lot of discipline injected into my life. Feet burning sensation is reducing as well. My complexion has a certain glow and I am overall in a positive frame of mind. My doctor, dietician, and exercise expert are a great support.

It has been just a few months now.  I am confident that by the end of a 1-full year of my IRP course, I will be in a very good state of mind and health.

All thanks to FFD.

How Freedom from Diabetes(FFD) works?

Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) is an organization that specializes in DIABETES REVERSAL and enables the creation of healthier families! It has innovated a unique approach that consists of a four-pronged protocol of DIET, EXERCISE, INNER TRANSFORMATION, and MEDICAL that is perfected over years of research and hard work. This protocol brings rather quick results and 7,000+ are free from diabetes medicines and 1,000+ from insulin completely.

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