How he Reversed Diabetes & Health Problem in just 3 Month

  • Name- Mr.Sharat Bhalla
  • Age-  67 years
  • Profession-Chief Bank Manager,(Retired)
  • Place - Noida, UP, India

In medicine, comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions often co-occurring with a primary condition. I suffered from many co-morbidities like high cholesterol, high creatinine, and peripheral neuropathy along with my primary condition 'Diabetes'. FFD helped me improve in all.

Myself, Mr. Sharat Bhalla a Retired Chief Manager, Punjab National Bank.

Frankly speaking, I really do not want to count but it has been 35 years now.  I do not remember exactly when, but there was a General Medical Checkup in which I found out that I have Diabetes.

Was started with medications. I always used to think 'when will this go away?' but it has been 35 years now, I mean half of my young age went into medicines, work pressure, family.

Mr. Anand, a past participant of FFD, gave me a reference for FFD.  He showed me videos and many more things related to FFD.  He also told me about how one can reverse diabetes without medications. 

Coming to know this, I decided to enroll myself here (FFD). One more thing I would like to tell you all here is that my family backed me pretty well in this.

My actual reason for joining FFD was to get rid of medicines and live a healthy medicine-free life. I had a Peripheral Neuropathy issue. I used to feel pins in my feet, so the doctor told me it can get worse or might lead to amputation of feet also.

Diabetes Reversal Success story                                  Mr.Sharat Bhalla

FFD has been the best part of my life. The medicine level came to negligible in 35 days and I was free of medicine within 3 months, with a lot of effort from me and of course FFD Doctors.

Must tell you, it has been a superb experience at FFD. Normally, we see patients running after the doctors, but here at FFD, it was different.

Doctors here are so dedicated that they very well do their job by continuously supporting and encouraging you to push your limits. As a result, my high cholesterol levels came within normal limits, though I have to take cholesterol medicine occasionally.

My creatinine levels are OK now. I was actually not aware but when checked I got to know that my creatinine levels are up.  With proper guidance from the FFD doctors, it came in the normal range, and to my surprise, I am on the FFD's list of 'Creatinine Warriors" too. Amazing.

In this wonderful journey, my weight also has been pretty well controlled from 82 kg to 67 kg.

The middle patch was bad when I was not regular with exercises as my mother passed away and I was busy with rituals. But now I am doing my exercises, following the diet. 

My journey would be incomplete if I do not thank my doctors of FFD (Dr. Siddhi Tilvi, Ms. Sanchita Nandurkar, Mr. Akshay Chauhan. Dr. Nabeena N) all of them are gems, they do not give up. 

These guys push and motivate you in such a way that you will love to follow the instructions. Dr. Siddhi is incredible, she has supported and cared for me beyond limits. I would like to thank Dr. Saloni Mehta as well for her advice from time to time. God bless them all.

I am highly enthusiastic, motivated as I can live a peaceful life without any tablets.

All the best to the entire team of FFD & Dr. Pramod Tripathi.

Diabetes Reversal Success story

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