I discovered the best medicine to beat diabetes: FFD!

  • Name- Mr. Vinay Kumar Tiwari 
  • Age- 47 years
  • Profession- Program Director, Wipro
  • Place - California, USA

Let me start by saying that diabetes runs in my family. My grandfather, father, aunts… all suffer from type 2 diabetes. So, I wasn’t really surprised when my blood sugar reports in 2015 showed me to be pre-diabetic. Inevitably, this worsened and by 2018, I was a full-blown diabetic. My HbA1C eventually reached 7.8!

Diabetes really robbed me of my health. By evening I feel totally drained out, and through the day I felt unfocused, disinterested, lethargic. I also noticed that small injuries that I sustained took a long time to heal.

My doctor put me on Metformin 500MG once a day and made some diet changes. However it did not help me to get rid of medicine. I realized that medicines were never going to go away; I needed a more permanent solution. Unexpectedly, this came in the form of one of my clients.

He had gone through FFD’s program, lost weight, and had rid himself of all diabetes medicine. This sounded very hopeful to me, and I researched FFD further. What I discovered on the net astonished me. Contrary to everything I had been led to believe, diabetes was reversible after all!

Mr. Vinay Kumar Tiwari 

FFD had successfully freed more than 12,000 diabetics from all their medicines. I was determined to join that number. I enrolled in FFD’s one-year Holistic Transformation Program (HTP) Batch 73. The program is conducted online, which made it very convenient for me, as I was based overseas.

The program is conducted in four phases, and each phase is driven by FFD’s four protocols of diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical. Each phase progressively improves one’s health, from the inside out—body, mind, and spirit.

It is a truly transformational experience. Within the first month itself, I was free of all my medicines. As a bonus, I also lost pounds of weight especially by taking smoothies and intermittent fasting. Now my fasting glucose is consistently at about 100 mg/dl--without any medicine or any other intervention.

I currently follow the two-meals-a-day plan (lunch & dinner); my exercise regimen consists of a daily session of yoga in the morning and later a 40-minute run. I feel filled with boundless energy, and gratitude too…to FFD and Dr. Pramod.

They came as blessings from the almighty to me. I’m so thankful to have been part of this program.

Diabetes reversal is a revelation to me and whenever I meet anyone who is suffering from high blood sugar, it gives me great joy to be able to give them hope by directing them to FFD.

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