Start Your Morning with Green Smoothie & Control Your Diabetes

Amazing Benefits of FFDs Green Smoothie-Lower BSL, BP, heart disease, and more

We all know the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, and many of you would probably insist that you already eat vegetables with every meal…But how much nutrition are you actually getting from these vegetable dishes?

The chances are…Zero. Hard to believe?

Here’s the truth

When we cook food, yes, even a quick stir-fry, we diminish several nutrients and destroy many others, outright. Not just vitamins and minerals but a group of nutrients known as phytonutrients— flavonoids, carotenoids, and alkaloids. you may have heard these words before.

Phytonutrients fight antioxidants, the free radicals that are a byproduct of metabolism (oxidation), or exposure to harmful elements like tobacco smoke.

These free radicals are unstable atoms that damage cells and promote inflammation and aging. Phytonutrients attack these harmful free radicals, effectively reducing or eliminating inflammation in the body.

FFD has innovated a special Green smoothie to help you get the nutrients your body craves. We call it the FFD Super Green Smoothie, and it is a powerful tool in the reversal process.

What does a green smoothie do for your body?

All green smoothie recipes are not created equal. Some, in fact, can be harmful to your health…especially if you suffer from diabetes or a similar insulin-resistance-related disorder.

It all depends on what you put into your green smoothie. A number of green smoothie recipes use milk or yogurt as their base. And this is a definite no-no. Milk and milk products, yes, including yogurt, are very high in fat. And it is the accumulation of fat that sabotages your efforts—diet and exercise.

Dairy milk and milk products contain Insulin-Like Growth Factor molecules (IGF), which prevent insulin from functioning properly. Another ingredient that has absolutely no place in the smoothie is sugar. You may be tempted to add just a dash of sugar or syrup or honey. Don’t!

FFD’s green smoothie is also very quick to make. Instead of slaving away over a hot stove, all you have to do is dump the ingredients into a blender, switch it on, and your green smoothie is ready…

Power-packed nutrients

Power Packed Nutrients

As we saw earlier, phytonutrients are the body’s nuclear weapon against antioxidants. The smoothie phytonutrient-rich composition helps your body fight free radicals and eliminate inflammation in the body.

The greens in the super smoothie contain live enzymes. These are naturally present in green veggies and are necessary for the body to extract nutrition from the macro-nutrients that we consume: carbs, protein, fats. But when you cook your greens you end up completely killing all the live enzymes in the food.

So by simply blending the greens, the smoothie delivers the maximum nutrition possible from the greens. One more power-packed nutrient in the smoothie is chlorophyll.

We all know from our high school science what chlorophyll is—all plants contain chlorophyll, it gives plants their distinctive green shade and is necessary for photosynthesis, the method by which plants convert nutrients into the food.

You probably know all this. But did you know that chlorophyll has a doppelgänger that lives within all of you? You know it as hemoglobin. The only difference is that hemoglobin contains iron, and chlorophyll, magnesium.

So when you consume a green smoothie the chlorophyll contained within the vegetables increases your red blood cells, and hemoglobin; it promotes circulation and cleanses the body, thus increasing oxygen supply throughout the body.

Green Smoothie Benefits

Smoothie benefits

The super green smoothie’s ingredients: greens, fruit, herbs, spices, and a group of special ingredients make it naturally alkaline. This reduces acidity in the body, which in turn reduces inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity.

The high level of micro-nutrients improves the body’s efficiency in converting glucose into energy. Since your body uses glucose to create energy, this automatically lowers your BSL

1. Lowers BSL

Lower BSL

  • The alkaline nature of the smoothes reduces acid in the body, and inflammation, thus improving insulin action
  • Phytochemicals in the smoothie also reduce inflammation
  • Micronutrient content improves the conversion of glucose into energy

All the above result in lower blood sugar levels

2. Improves BP

Improve BP

  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables improves systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Phytochemicals in the smoothie reduce both systolic and diastolic pressure
  • The smoothie contains magnesium, which is present in the chlorophyll of the vegetables. Magnesium relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels, effectively reducing blood pressure

3. Reduces Risks from Cardiovascular Disease

Reduces Risks from Cardiovascular Disease

  • The smoothie contains flavonoids, which are proven to inhibit platelet accumulation, and inhibit LDL oxidation.
  • They reduce the formation of blood clots--which are the main cause of heart attacks
  • Phytochemicals in the smoothie, are anti-oxidative, i.e. they reduce/prevent damage from inflammation and free radicals
  • The smoothie is also rich in carotenoids, which are responsible for lowering cholesterol and also offer some protection from cancer recipe for FFD’s Super Smoothie has already been shared on our website and Facebook and there are videos too, on our Youtube channel, and you can also find it in this post, below.

4. Enables Weight Loss

weight loss

The beneficial effect of the smoothie on weight loss is almost guaranteed. In fact, some participants of our programs fall in danger of losing too much weight.

  • It creates a feeling of satiety (fullness) due to the increase in fiber intake
  • The sensation of fullness or satiety has been proven to reduce the consumption of undesirable food
  • High fiber in the smoothie slows down the digestion process and promotes regularity in meals, thus reducing digestive problems

The recipe for FFD’s super green smoothie can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, here. But for your convenience, we’re also sharing it here.

Green Smoothie Recipe


  • 5 - 6 Leaves of any I major green: spinach, Green sorrel, kale, amaranthus, radish greens, beet greens, lettuce, etc.
  • A handful of any 2 minor greens (curry leaves, tulsi (hold basil) coriander, mint
  • Half or 1 fruit: apples, pears, guavas, strawberries
  • One pinch each of cinnamon powder & black pepper
  • A dash of rock salt
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 glass of water


  • Blend all the ingredients for ~3 minutes and drink without straining.
  • Drink 2 - 4 glasses of 250 ml each day for the next four weeks, and see the difference.

The FFD Super Green Smoothie has proven its effectiveness tens of thousands of times. Try it religiously, and you will see the difference too.

Let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

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