Indudhar Kori: Got Rid of the Diabetic Threat

  • Name- Mr.Indudhar Kori
  • Age- 58 years
  • Profession- Yoga Teacher
  • Place -Bangalore

I was never really overweight.  I was flexible too...still I became pre-diabetic! Only FFD could show me a way to reverse my pre-diabetes state and I could clear GTT twice too

As an introduction, I am Indudhar Kori, 58 years young, Yoga teacher, from Bangalore.  I also provide IT consultation. 

Almost all my family members were diabetic which meant I have a strong family history of diabetes.  I was into yoga and much flexible, so I never thought I would get sugar problems any time.  I was wrong.

In 2006, I did a random test which revealed me to be in the pre-diabetic range.  This news was quite surprising for me. 

I managed to contain blood sugar with my Yoga practice since then.  I also used to monitor my sugars with a self-diagnosis kit or to say a glucometer.

I always remained proactive before the disease took me up.  So far, no particular problem and leading a fully normal healthy life. 

Truth is, somewhere in mind, I definitely wanted to get rid of this.  So, I kept looking for some solution, some way out.

Mr.Indudhar Kori

I got to know about FFD while self-searching the internet and Youtube.  I wanted to try Dr. Pramod Tripati's trial session and got convinced.

I attended a Discover Reversal Session on 3rd August 2019 and immediately enrolled in HTP 49 starting from 10th August 2019.

By following the 4 FFD protocols - diet, exercise, inner transformation, and medical, I noticed my health started improving.  Sugars had started falling in place. 

I was 65 kg before joining FFD, I am now 62.5 kg.  Dr. Malhar gave me excellent insight into "visceral fat" and how flexibility is not the only solution to beat diabetes. 

I added a "Strength" perspective to my routine. Nobody gives you so much detailed knowledge about health.  Me being into yoga, I thought flexibility was enough, but Dr. Malhar's inputs were an eye-opener.

I am very happy with my progress now.  I got rid of the diabetic threat for a lifetime.  I also cleared my GTT twice - one in the year 2019 and the second in 2021. 

My BP is fully under control with the least amount of medicine; at 120/80. I am still working to know how to get rid of my uric acid problem, but I know from the inside with the right guidance from the FFD team, I will overcome this problem too.

My exercise routine consists of yoga in the morning for 1.5 hours, strength exercises like push up, mountain climbing, plank, etc. 

I ensure I focus on the strength, stamina, and flexibility aspects of exercise along with meditation. I go to the gym occasionally in the evening.

Sincerely, the FFD team enlightened me on those aspects that "I didn't know that I didn't know".

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