It's not simply about my diabetes or my weight, My life has changed as well.

  • Name- Mrs. Renu Gangwar
  • Age- 31 years
  • Profession- Homemaker
  • Place - Rampur, U.P.

FFD has given me only benefits... Life is full of positivity and everything is plus, plus now.

It was a big setback for me when I came to know about my diabetes during my first pregnancy in 2017.  Later, I learned it is called 'gestational diabetes' - diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy.

There is a pretty strong family history of diabetes in my case.  My grandmother, my mother, and my father all have diabetes. 

My first pregnancy was managed somehow. It was a difficult phase where in addition to other precautions, constant monitoring of sugars too was needed.

From that time, I started facing other problems like leg pain and weakness and frequent urine infections.  I took Melmet 500 mg morning and evening before I came to FFD.

Both of us, me and my husband wanted to go for the second child.  We wanted to plan our second baby, but diabetes was a big hurdle in that way.  We were almost frightened to even think about a second baby.

So, I started searching for information on diabetes and planning pregnancy.  I kept looking for information about what needs to be done while planning baby if you have diabetes.

While doing so, I came to know that in order to have safe pregnancy, HbA1c needs to be under 6.  Mine was 8.  So, my search started in the direction of controlling weight and reducing HbA1c.

Mrs. Renu Gangwar

I was lucky to find Dr. Pramod Tripathi's video telling about diabetes reversal, weight loss, HbA1c control, all that I wanted.  This made me very happy and hopeful.

I first attended the online first session of Dr. Tripathi.  It was an amazing session that gave lot of insights about why diabetes happens and what to do to reverse it.

Later, I enrolled myself in HTP batch 65. My journey at FFD was very interesting but fruitful.  As I started following the protocols, my health parameters started improving. 

Sugars, as well as weight, started reducing.  My diabetes medicines stopped in 5 months of joining FFD.  I faced problems of knee and shoulder pain during that time, but I could manage it with exercise. 

Meanwhile, I also suffered from COVID.  I must appreciate, my FFD doctor and diet expert supported me a lot during that time.  Now, I have recovered and am back on my journey. 

Earlier, I had tried various ways to lose weight but nothing worked.  FFD protocols worked like magic and I could lose 17 kg of excess weight.

I have also cleared GTT.FFD has not only reversed my diabetes but made my dream of becoming slim come true. My daughter now addresses me as 'Slim Mamma'.

I am medicine-free, slim, my HbA1c is under 5, and can plan for my second baby now. 

What more can a person ask for? Everything is plus, plus.

Thank you, FFD.

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