January 24 : Top 10 Diabetes Reversal- Health Transformation Stories

The new year at Freedom from Diabetes was energized by enthusiastic participation from many participants. We observed several participants liberating themselves from the reliance on insulin, medications, or both. 

The momentum extended beyond medication freedom, with numerous individuals attaining significant milestones in weight loss and glycemic control.

Moreover, many successfully reversed associated co-morbidities, including hypertension, high cholesterol, and thyroid issues.

Meet our January top 10 participants.

Top 10 Success Stories of January 2024

1. Balaji Subramaniam

Mr. Balaji Subramaniam | Age - 67 Years | Chennai | Business Owner

Battling diabetes for 32 years, Balaji confronted additional health challenges, including thyroid issues, high blood pressure, excess weight, and chronic kidney disease.

His entry into the Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) program has resulted in him having achieved freedom from medications, reduced reliance on insulin as well as reasonable control on thyroid and blood pressure levels.

Read the inspiring details of his remarkable journey here -

2. Pallavi Sunil Bhanap

Mrs. Pallavi Sunil Bhanap | Age - 52 Years | Hyderabad | Independent Professional

Diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure 15 years ago, Pallavi, an independent professional, made a life-changing choice by joining FFD. Today, she has not only reversed her diabetes but is also free from hypertension medications and achieved a successful weight loss of 18 kg.

Read her full story to understand the transformative impact of FFD on her health journey.

3Savitha Viswanathan

Mrs. Savitha Viswanathan | Age - 47 Years | Noida | Software Professional

A businesswoman residing in Noida, Savitha encountered multiple health hurdles, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and high cholesterol. The pivotal moment in her life came when she decided to join FFD after learning about us from her husband's colleague.

Today, she has achieved freedom from diabetes and cholesterol medications, witnessed a substantial reduction in blood pressure and thyroid medications, and successfully shed 10 kg in weight.

Read her complete story to learn how FFD helped her to improve in all spheres of life.

4. Hariraamu Harikrishnan