Main Azad Hoon - My 20 kg weight loss story with FFD

How I lost 20 kg and transformed with FFD's help

  • Name - Mrs. Namrata Pathak
  • Age - 45 Years Young
  • Profession - Housewife
  • Place - Abu Dhabi

Hello all,

I'm Namrata Pathak, a homemaker residing in Abu Dhabi but originally from Vadodara, Gujarat.

My weight gain story

I have always had an ongoing battle with weight gain. It's always been like Yo-Yo, going up and down. Add to that the challenge of hormonal imbalance due to early menopause and that exacerbated my situation.

Over the last 3-4 years, I experienced a weight gain of around 30 kgs(gaining around 10kgs per year) leading to various issues such as heels and back pain, making exercise more challenging. I weighed as high as 97.4 kg.

In my quest for a solution, I explored different avenues, consulting dietitians, trying various diets, and even attempting Ayurvedic treatments.

Unfortunately, none of these approaches provided significant lasting relief. Though Ayurveda medicine and treatments did help me with my hormonal imbalance, I realized I needed something extra for the excess and stuck weight to move.

How was FFD introduced?

I had already heard of FFD through past participants here. I was in Delhi at my maternal aunt's place who is a diabetic and struggling with diabetic related to many issues and I decided it was time we both looked into FFD.

Luckily there was a DRS session coming up and I registered.  I felt it was the right time to give it a push.

What made me join FFD?

I wanted to lose weight and regain health. FFD was offering hope. The introductory webinar DRS by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I joined the HTP program immediately.

Mrs. Namrata Pathak

Reversal story

Joining FFD turned out to be the best decision I ever made. The transformative journey I experienced was beyond my expectations. Following the personalized plan laid out for me, I achieved incredible results.

What stood out was the simplicity of the diet, and the short yet highly effective exercises. Surprisingly, the process felt effortless, and I never felt burdened with extra efforts.

Witnessing a weight loss of 20 kg within just 6-7 months feels like a dream come true. The inch loss has been equally remarkable.

Overall, my feelings about this journey can be expressed in the following way:


The joy of watching the length of the belt still available after buckling the seatbelt in the airplane! (What made me write this last night)

The joy of watching the inches decrease in the monthly measurement routine!

The joy of not having anything nice to wear ... as everything is too loose!

The joy of being able to wear heels again … and dance in them!

The joy of 2.5 hours of continuous  garba…and still being able to breathe!

The joy of enjoying Diwali delights with the confidence that you have it under control!

The joy of becoming the kind of person for whom exercising is fun!

The joy of becoming the kind of person for whom fasting is a piece of cake!

The joy of being able to make heads turn!

The joy of being healthy and knowing that you have found the right path.

The joy of being part of a legendary WhatsApp group who keep inspiring and pushing you to do better.

Absolute and Continuous Joy is what I have felt since joining FFD in April 2023, as I crossed one milestone after another. I have also lost a lot of emotional baggage that I had been carrying around.

As I continue to build my strength physically and emotionally and move towards my advanced health goals, I would like to express immense gratitude to Dr.Pramod Tripathi, Dr. Malhar and the entire FFD team.