Make your Wednesday - WoW

Adding a Healthy Dose of Wow to Your Wednesdays

Just about a year ago, Dr. Pramod Tripathi launched a short-duration 30-day program specifically aimed at helping diabetics get control of their blood sugar levels.

The program saw large and enthusiastic participation from across the world. The program proved to be so popular that many participants urged
Dr. Pramod Tripathi extends the program…and the Wow Wednesday program came into being.


The Wow Wednesday series, which has attracted participants from all walks of life and from all across the world, is helping people deal with common health challenges in a holistic and
sustainable manner, using a mix of Yoga, Callisthenics, Pranayama, Acupressure, and other healing techniques.

Attendance is absolutely free. The series is broadcast at 7.20 am (IST) every Wednesday and the recordings are available for all to watch on FFD’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.
Give it a watch, you have nothing to lose but your health problems. Like the 30-day Challenge, Wow Wednesday sessions are live-streamed on Facebook Live and YouTube for viewers to follow along.

Each session focuses on a specific health challenge, such as ‘How to get stronger after a Coronavirus attack, Yoga for PCOD/S; Yoga for detoxing pancreas, liver, etc. Each session
consists of about one hour of guided yoga asanas, meditation and acupressure techniques focused on the specific topic of the day.

Now in its 35 weeks, Wow Wednesday is proving to be one of Dr. Tripathi’s most popular programs. Sessions are not contiguous. Each one is a complete unit.
So viewers can pick and choose which ones to watch. While each topic has been carefully selected to help as many as possible, the following topics consistently make the top five.

WoW, Wednesday’s Most Watched Sessions:

1. Easy Yoga for Kidneys

2. Exercises for Muscle Gain

3. Make Your Liver Healthy

4. Yoga for PCOD

5. Yoga for Thyroid


A Double Dose of Wow:

Physical ailments as we all know have a strong mental connection. Stress, anxiety, fear, anger, are among the many negative emotions that are known to trigger chronic ailments.
Managing these emotions and achieving mental equilibrium is critical for good health. The Covid pandemic, with its attendant lockdowns and worries about the future, finances, health, career, etc., has further exacerbated the situation for many.

At FFD we understand the need for mental wellness, which is why one of our four protocols focuses on Inner Transformation. Recognizing the urgent need now for help in this area, Dr.
Pramod Tripathi decided to add an evening session dedicated to mental health to our Wow Wednesday itinerary.

Entitled Staying Positive the series sessions are taken by other FFD experts and have met with the same enthusiasm as our morning sessions.
Topics such as ‘Meditation for Muscle Gain’ and ‘Meditation for Health Energy Flow’ & Get over Gilt’, have proved immensely popular with all demographics.




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