Mechanical Engineer Successful Weight Loss Story!


In just 2 Months Mr. Mukund successfully loss 12.5kg of weight 


  • Name- Mr. Mukund Karande
  • Age- 48 Years
  • Profession- Mechanical Engineer, Business Owner
  • Place - Pune

"I am going to claim my trouser alteration charges to FFD (jokingly)!" not a single trouser fits my waist now... or else I have to buy a suspender. Hello! Myself Mr. Mukund Karande, age 48 years, Mechanical Engineer, Business Owner from Pune, Maharashtra.

Actually, I am not a diabetic, but had several other problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, back pain, hair loss, etc. Some 5 years ago, my boss Mr. Joshi joined "Freedom from Diabetes" and following FFD protocol successfully passed his GTT.

I was a close observer of his transformation and through him only I came to know about FFD. Soon, my wife who is diabetic enrolled herself in FFD. I also joined her with the aim of losing weight and improving the overall quality of my life.

I came to know that Freedom from Diabetes is the clear front runner of Diabetes, Obesity, and Lifestyle Disease Reversal in India, and my decision to join it was absolutely right. Following their protocol, I immediately started noticing changes in me.

Earlier, I used to feel very stiff. Even lifting a pen from the floor used to give cramps to my feet. Now, I have become much flexible. My weight started reducing. It was 92.4 kg when I joined the batch and now in less than 2 months' time, I have lost 12.5 kg.

Whoo! My waist size has reduced from 39 to 37.5 inches in less than 2 months. I feel like I should claim my trouser alteration charges to FFD (jokingly) as not a single trouser fits my waist now. I am still taking my BP and cholesterol tablets, but overall my quality of life has improved tremendously.

I feel cheerful throughout the day now.


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Weight loss success story


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