Being together for life in marriage is a wonderful feeling and we shared many wonderful times together. But we did not expect to share the same disease.

Both of us are 55 and while I have been a diabetic for 18 years my wife has been facing the disease for 10 years now. I was taking 116 units of insulin daily besides tablets while my wife was on increasing doses of combination drugs for diabetes.👏🏻👏🏻

We are from Punjab and live in Chandigarh. My wife is a homemaker and I am an Asst. Gen. Manager in State Bank of India. My job involves frequent traveling and I had to carry my insulin injections with me everywhere.

It was sometimes challenging and at times embarrassing too. The sweetness had gone out of life; I felt cheated of many simple pleasures that life had to offer. Life became dull, lacking vigor, enthusiasm, and energy.

We both were resigned to our fate that we had to be dependent on medicines till our last days. 😔😔

Hence it came as a big surprise when we received a mail from The Art of Living Ashram about the "Freedom from Diabetes" Transcendental Residential Program. Freedom from diabetes? Really?

!! Possible?? Both of us immediately registered for the program. We didn’t want to miss such an opportunity. 😯😯

My wife and I were taking 12 pills in the morning and 8 in the evening for sugar, blood pressure and thyroid, etc.

We joined the program on the 16th of August this year and within two days many myths regarding diabetes starting getting demolished as the team of Diabetes specialist doctors and nutritionists explained to us the scientific process of the onset of diabetes and what it leads to; what the causes are and how due to lack of knowledge we were unknowingly harming ourselves with the prevalent practices.

The Diabetes Reversal program opened our eyes to new truths. No one had talked in such detail, never shared with us what it was that the dreaded word Diabetes meant with its full scope and more importantly that it was possible for us to reverse diabetes.

That it was possible with diet, exercises, and meditations to overcome this condition. From the second day itself, our medicines were reduced and sugar level which was monitored four times daily started stabilizing.

On the 20th, i.e., the fifth day of the program my Insulin was stopped by the FFD doctors. Within 55 days, I lost 6-7 kg of weight, and 7 cm around the waist. My wife does not need to use her Rotacop puff for asthma anymore.

Our sugar levels are normal now. Life is different now. We both feel so light and relieved now. We are sincerely following the FFD diet and exercise schedule. It is doable. Life will soon be normal and diabetes-free completely. 😀😀

I met Dr. Pramod Tripathi in Pune. I consider him as a son. May God give him and his team more strength to serve humanity. My advice to all diabetics is to experience this ‘Most Wonderful’ program. It has brought sweetness back into our lives. It will in yours too.

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