Hello friends, my name is Mrs. Surekha Ambokar from Pune, age 43. I am a freelance translator with flexible working hours. I was diabetic since 5 years and was on 2 tablets for diabetes and one tablet for cholesterol and thyroid. My diabetes was already a pain as it restricted me in many activities. But to add on, I was a regular customer for my doctor for my treatment on joint pain. Knee pain, toe pain, neck pain, haahhh...my life was just surrounded with some or the other pain. So many treatments, X-Rays, doctors and clinics. I was not able to sit on the ground even for a minute. I always used to be low on energy, always feeling ill and always used to be in an irritated mood almost for the entire day! I was just so fed up of doctors and medicines. 😒😟

One day, one of my friends, Mrs. Medha Joshi sent me a link of a short video featuring Dr. Pramod Tripathi. The video was regarding his interview on a news channel with some genuine information on diabetes reversal. I saw the entire video and was amazed to know that reversing diabetes is possible. As instructed in the video, I checked the FFD website and found out that the techniques mentioned by Dr. Pramod Tripathi have made many people free from diabetes. I also came across a few known people who already knew about FFD. My friend Mr. Ninad Katkar suggested me to join FFD as soon as possible. So I inquired and attended the basic program.

The program was amazing and I decided to join the Intensive program for faster results. After I joined the Intensive program, batch no. 39, I actually started receiving special attention from the FFD team. I started experiencing the positive changes in me. My HBa1C came down from 7.5 to 5.6. My energy level increased, I had no irritating mood swings, I became positive and started focusing more on my reversal, my joint pain disappeared and my medicines stopped in just 7 days!!! and not just this, but I also lost 8 kgs of weight. My FFD team was with me on every single step of my reversal. I feel so special to receive such a wonderful treatment. 😀😀

Thank you, Dr. Pramod and FFD team for giving me my new life and for making me live my life happily. I would like to mention, that after many years, I have started enjoying my life because of FFD.