Mr. Krishnan Sudarsanam: I reversed insulin and regained health ...with FFD

Insulin stopped, medicines reduced

  • Name- Mr. Krishnan Sudarsanam
  • Age- 61 Years Young
  • Profession- Chartered Accountant
  • Place - Chennai

Hello all,

I am Krishnan Sudarsanam a chartered accountant and company secretary from Chennai.

Why did I choose FFD?

I was on insulin and wanted to stop it somehow!

Diabetes story

The dual roles of a chartered accountant and a company secretary have been stressful professionally, but I enjoy it.  Heredity-wise, there is diabetes on my paternal side.  I think these two factors led me to this disorder.

My diabetes was diagnosed in 2012 when I experienced sudden weight loss. Tiredness was another symptom.  Initially, was managing with medicines but the year 2021 gave additional bad news.  I was put on insulin post-COVID treatment when I needed steroids.

Mr. Krishnan Sudarsanam

Introduction to FFD

FFD was introduced to me through a friend of mine.  It raised hopes of becoming free of insulin and medicine and I joined the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 80 soon after attending the webinar of Dr. Pramod Tripathi.

Reversal journey

Before joining the FFD program I was on 4 units of insulin along with two tablets.  The good news of the stoppage of insulin came to me within 19-20 days and I was on top of the world.  Finally, I was off insulin which was my primary aim to join FFD

Diabetes tablets have reduced remarkably from 2 tablets in a day to just half a tablet. I am confident that with FFD, I will be soon medicine free too. There has been improvement in other health parameters also.  My blood pressure is under control.  Weight-wise, there has been a 5 kg weight loss.  I am much better now.

On the exercise front, I follow all the instructions of FFD exercise experts and they have been a great support.

Key quotes

"FFD has helped me get out of the shackles of insulin. "

Key takeaways

  • Insulin stopped
  • Medicine reduced
  • BP under control
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