My incredible weight loss story with FFD

How I achieved weight loss with FFD's guidance

  • Name - Mrs. Pushpal Kapadia
  • Age - 60 Years Young
  • Profession - IT Professional
  • Place - Pune

Hello all,

I'm Pushpal Kapadia an IT Professional from Pune.

My weight gain story

While I do not have diabetes, I encountered challenges stemming from excessive weight. The stresses at work, compounded by the impact of COVID, took a toll, leading to a substantial weight gain of around 12-13 kg.

The additional weight brought about severe health issues, including body inflammation, aches, and pains, making even a 150-meter walk a daunting task.

In an effort to address this, I explored Ayurvedic interventions and even underwent panchakarma, but unfortunately, the weight loss proved to be unsustainable.

My intrinsic desire to shed weight, driven by discomfort with the extra pounds and limited mobility, remained a persistent goal.

How was FFD introduced?

Initially, I overlooked the FFD program for diabetes, which one of my seniors had undergone, as it did not apply to me. However, my interest was piqued later when I came across information about Freedom from Obesity.

What made me join FFD?

I wanted to lose weight. FFD was offering hope. The orientation session DRS was highly persuasive, prompting me to promptly enroll in the program – the Holistic Transformation Program.

Mrs. Pushpal Kapadia

My sustainable weight loss story

Joining FFD has undoubtedly been the best decision on my part, leading to a cascade of positive changes I never anticipated. From the outset, I committed to following the program diligently, and the results have been remarkable.

The FFD team dedicated to my case conducted a thorough analysis and crafted a personalized plan for my weight loss journey.

Consequently, I shed a significant amount of weight, going from 73.9 kg to 62.3 kg. The issues of inflammation, aches, and pains are now things of the past.

I feel a heightened sense of energy and positivity, evident in achieving a feat like completing 51 surya namaskars, a task that once seemed insurmountable.

The group motivation within FFD is extraordinary, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pramod Tripathi and my allocated team, including Rachana, my diet expert, Eeshan, my exercise expert, and Dr. Shubhankar, for their unwavering support and motivation throughout my transformative journey.

Key quote

Thank you FFD for the sustainable weight loss

Key takeaways

  • Weight loss 11.6 kg
  • Inflammation eliminated
  • Aches and Pains vanished
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