Namrata Vasant Sarve: Insulin stopped in just 8 days

  • Name-  Mrs. Namrata Vasant Sarve
  • Age-  63 Years Young
  • Profession- Teacher (Rtd)
  • Place - Pune, Maharashtra

Hello friends

I am Namrata Vasant Sarve, a 63 years young, retired teacher from Pune. I have been active all my life as I used to work as a Physical Education Teacher. 

Family history

No family history of diabetes.

How did I get to know I have diabetes?

In 2010, I suddenly started having a strange sensation as if I would faint. This would happen to me while morning walks too. I ignored it for around one month but later went to see my village doctor and got my random sugars done. To our surprise, they were high.

Diabetes journey

Initially, I was given karela (bitter gourd) tablets. Later on, medicines kept increasing due to uncontrolled sugars.
At one point, the doctor explained there was no medicine available beyond a certain level and I needed to go on insulin.

By the time I joined FFD, I was on 3 units of insulin plus 3 tablets.

Mrs. Namrata Vasant Sarve

How did I come to know about FFD?

My son who lives in Pune had heard about FFD. He was the one who encouraged me to join.

FFD journey

I enrolled myself in the FFD diabetes reversal program HTP batch 76 and began my beautiful journey.

I had joined it with great determination - "I can, I will" and was following everything as instructed.

The FFD app is a great tool. I used to feed my sugars in it and doctors used to study and reduce my dosage accordingly. Truly personalized treatment, I must say.

Medicines too stopped after a while. I weighed a bit high at 59 kg. After joining the program, it has reduced to 51.3 kg which is good according to my height.


I feel light, energetic, and happy as "I did it"

Key takeaways

  • Freedom from insulin
  • Free from medicines
  • Perfect BMI
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