Sonia Fernandes: En route to superb health

BP reversed, steroids stopped, acid reflux resolved... all great

  • Name- Mrs. Sonia Fernandes
  • Age-  47 Years Young
  • Profession- Software Engineer
  • Place - Madgaon, Goa

Hi all,

I'm Sonia Fernandes from Madgaon, Goa.  I worked as a soft engineer earlier but now preparing for the launch of my own Fashion Designing Boutique.

My diabetes story

I have a strong history of diabetes on my paternal side with almost everybody suffering from it.  So I was aware that I might have it someday.  I was eating right, and working out in the gym but my job as a software engineer was a high-stress job that involved a lot of traveling and eating outside. This did take a toll on me.

I was suffering from severe asthma for six years.  In the year 2018, I went for a full body checkup which disclosed me having fatty liver grade 1 with high sugars confirming diabetes. Also, my legs and ankles used to swell up.  There was severe knee pain intermittently.  I had difficulty walking. 

How did FFD happen?

I first heard Dr. Pramod Tripathi's speech on diabetes and lifestyle disorders in an online program held in Goa.  He was the guest speaker.  I then followed him on Facebook and YouTube.

Why did I choose FFD?

FFD was already on my mind.  But the turning point came when I saw my father suffering from a diabetic foot.  I enrolled in FFD’s one-year diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately thinking I should act on time and not take diabetes too lightly.


Mrs. Sonia Fernandes

Reversal journey

It was at FFD that I came to know that it was not asthma that I was suffering from, but it was acid reflux.  I was misdiagnosed and treated wrongly for all these years.  With proper FFD guidance and treatment, the so-called acid reflux problem got resolved.  It took 1.5-2 months.

My weight loss has been 5 kg from 85 kg down to 80 kg.  There is a lot more work to be done on this front.

I am still on diabetes medicines but on low doses.  My HbA1c level has improved from 9 to 6.11 which is a great achievement for me.

My BP medicines have stopped, and steroids have stopped.  There is no cough anymore and migraines have reduced.  One more very interesting thing has happened, I can digest raw food which was not possible earlier.

My father passed away recently which has been a big setback for me.  But I noticed there was not a single episode of high BP that I faced in this situation.  FFD's journal writing has helped me tremendously in dealing with stress.

Key quotes

"FFD taught me how to manage my feelings and thoughts which is the crucial point to leading a healthy life"

"I am very happy that FFD has happened at right time"

Key takeaways

  • Medicines reduced
  • Acid reflux resolved
  • BP reversed
  • Steroids stopped


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