Srikanth Chandrasekaran: A motivational reversal story from Dubai

Medicine-free happy soul

  • Name- Mr. Srikanth Chandrasekaran
  • Age-  52 Years Young 
  • Profession- Manager
  • Place - Dubai

Hi all,
I am Srikanth Chandrasekaran from Dubai, U.A. E.  working in a ship operations management company taking care of safety/ operations.

My diabetes story

Family history-wise both my parents have diabetes, but they got it at a later age. Stress-wise, my job involves a lot of professional stress, which sometimes becomes difficult to handle.

My diabetes was diagnosed through a routine medical checkup done some 11-12 years ago. Luckily, I did not face any major problems due to diabetes except having tablets daily.

How did I get to know about FFD?

I came across a video of Dr. B. M. Hegde where he talks about there is a long-term solution for diabetes and for that one should approach a young lad from Pune.  This made me enquire about it in my school group where I found one of my classmate's sisters doing it.  Spoke to her.

Mr. Srikanth Chandrasekaran

Why did I choose FFD?

The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in FFD’s one-year diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.  I wanted to get out of the medication which was just increasing.

Reversal story

My diabetes medicines stopped within one month of joining the FFD program.  My HbA1c saw a great improvement from 8.1 down to 5.47.  Earlier, I had got down my weight from 87 kg down to 82 kg by walking 10 km a day.

Upon joining FFD, it came down by 9 kg which I think is superb. I am free from medicine for the last 11 months.

With FFD, my cholesterol tablets reduced to once a week from daily.  There has been a remarkable reduction in thyroid medicines too.  My BP tablets did not reduce which has continued to be an issue.  I know I need to address it.

I do strength training and stretching exercises as recommended by an FFD exercise expert for my back pain which has helped me a lot.

Key quotes

"I am happy, more energetic, and younger by 15 years"

Key takeaways 

  • Diabetes medicine stopped
  • Thyroid medicine reduced
  • Weight loss of 9 kg
  • Cholesterol medicines reduced
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