Transformational Journey From 109Kg to 79Kg


Weight loss Story: Mr. Juliano lost 109Kg to 79Kg


  • Name- Mr. Juliano Rodrigues
  • Age- 41 years
  • Profession- chef
  • Place - Mumbai

FFD Diabetes Reversal protocol kept motivating me... I can fit in Jeans way back during MY COLLEGE DAYS, 21 YEARS BACK. Hi! myself Juliano Rodrigues, age 41, a chef by profession, from Mumbai.

I was detected to be a pre-diabetic in 2014 during a regular medical check-up. Then the normal course followed. I was also started with medicines.

As I was pre-diabetic, my sugars were not that high but I had a lot of other problems like gases, tiredness, anxiety, anger, high cholesterol, back pain, knee pain, fatty liver grade 2, and last but not least I was overweight with a weight of 109 kg. I tried following Dr. Dixit, but it did not help me much.

Looking for more options, I came across information about "Freedom from Diabetes" through Facebook. Soon I attended a Mega Event in Mumbai. I must say, attending the Discover Reversal Session was a great eye-opener for me.

I started following what all was told to us in the first session and started getting results immediately.

This was very encouraging. So I decided to join the Intensive Reversal Program and just within 3-4 days of joining, I was told to stop my diabetes medicines. FFD doctor told me to look at myself in the mirror and notice my bulging stomach.

They told me I should work on it and that to flatten it through the right course should be my first aim. That very day I decided come what may I will definitely lose my weight and flatten my stomach.

I kept following the FFD Diabetes Reversal protocol and started getting the results. Initially, I lost weight slowly but then later my weight loss was rapid.

I never thought I could lose this big weight of 30 kg and that too in just 4-5 months' time. All this was incredible! 

Not only this but all my other health issues also have been resolved. My uric acid, cholesterol, and vitamin D all levels are normal now. I have learned to deal with stress. Everything positive has happened.


I am very thankful to FFD for this dramatic change in me and my life.

Weight loss success story

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