Hi! My name is Annasaheb Chavan, from Pune. I am 66 years old, retired. My story begins from the year 2000 when I came to know that I had diabetes. I was immediately started on medicines then. As the years passed by, my medicine dosage increased. In the later years, my sugars started remaining uncontrolled. So I was told that I had to start taking insulin in order to maintain my sugar levels. For the last 3 years I was taking insulin. The dosage gradually went up to 60 units per day. My life had become miserable.

Then one fine day, I came to know about FFD from a relative of mine, Mr Raosaheb Patil who had joined the earlier Intensive Treatment Program, number 42. Without wasting time, I decided to enrol myself in the very next Intensive Treatment Program batch number 43.

In this program, we learnt that diabetes has to be dealt not just with medicines but it requires working on four different fronts like diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical that is the real FFD way. I noticed that even following the diet the FFD way made a huge difference in my sugar levels. To my pleasant surprise after joining the Intensive Program, I got free of insulin in just 4 weeks and my medicine dosage also reduced. Now, my fasting sugars are around 99 and I am very thankful to Dr Pramod Tripathi sir and his team for making me free of insulin.

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