An inspiring tale of diabetes reversal

Medicine stopped, 10 kg lighter... super fit

  • Name-  Mr. Shashi Kumar Nayar
  • Age- 66 years young
  • Profession- Independent Professional
  • Place - Noida

Hello all

I'm Shashi Kumar Nayar an Independent Professional from Noida.

My diabetes story

I still recall going for a routine medical checkup in August 2011. I had no idea that the test results would show high sugar levels. At that point, I discovered I had diabetes. My parents do have diabetes; it runs in the family. In addition to taking diabetes medication, I have been taking BP and cholesterol medications since 2015 and 2018, respectively.

How did FFD happen?

I discovered FFD through social media. I had seen a YouTube advertisement.

What led me to select FFD?

I had witnessed my parents' pain. I was unwilling to confront those.  FFD offered hope. The introductory webinar by Dr. Pramod Tripathi added to my confidence and I enrolled in Freedom from Diabetes type 2 diabetes reversal program - HTP immediately.

Mr. Shashi Kumar Nayar

Reversal story

My diabetes medications were stopped a month after I joined the program.  This was astounding. Finally, after eleven years, diabetes medications were discontinued. 

My weight loss of 10 kg has also been incredible. Now, I feel much lighter. Without taking any medications, my HbA1c improved from 6.4 to 5.9. It makes me very happy. 

I still strictly adhere to one thing, which is drinking a green smoothie daily. I enjoy cycling, so I've made it my athletic identity.

Key quote

"I feel more energized and better. I'm grateful to FFD for pointing me toward health."

Key takeaways

  • Medicine stopped
  • Weight loss 10 kg